3G HSDPA UMTS 12DBI Antenna Panel (F - Connector)

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Antenna Mount Bracket
Antenna Adapter TS9 F
Antenna adapter CRC9 F
Cable for antenna 15m
Cable for  antenna 10m
Adapter for SMA Router

3G Antenna HSDPA UMTS 12DBI panel (F - connector) - an antenna that has an FME or SMA output so that you can connect the antenna adapter adapter to the modem or phone.

The antenna helps to strengthen the signal and the quality of communication, increase the data transfer speed in places where data is not very well received, with radio interference or if you are away from the base station

This antenna is a guarantee of a reliable communication channel for a remote office, warehouses, suburban premises. You will get a stable Internet, being in the distance of the base station of the operators Utel, Beeline, Kievstra, MTS.

In addition to everything there is a simple and convenient mount and easy to mount.

 The 12 dB antenna works in 3G and will work in 4G LTE in the regions at a frequency of 1800 MHZ

Technical characteristics 3G Antenna HSDPA UMTS 12DBI panel (F - connector)


Operating Frequency Range: 1800 ~ 2190 MHZ Type: Panel, directional Polarization: Horizontal / Vertical Gain: 12dBi SWR: 2.0: 1 Impedance: 50 ohms Connector Type: F Type Opening angle: Horizontal - 58 ° Vertical - 38 °

The antenna can be equipped with a 2m cable

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