China Antenna 3G / 4G LTE MIMO sector 2x29dBi

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For manufacturing the sector antenna 3G / 4G lte MIMO 29 dB, only high-quality materials are used that improve the consumer properties and durability of the equipment.

The antenna body is made of PVC material, which is non-combustible, has high strength and excellent geometric stability.

The 4G lte MIMO antenna is waterproof and suitable for use in various adverse weather conditions.

Heat-resistant printed circuit board made of Rogers material, coated with a special dye, which is effective to prevent external influences and increases the antenna gain.

The vibrator is covered with a tin coating, which effectively prevents signal deterioration, reduces losses and prolongs the antenna's service life.
Multifunctional adjustable mounting kits are made of stainless steel, are not subject to corrosion and contribute to longer use.
Mounting kits can be adjusted to your needs and provide the widest signal coverage.
The input connector is made of copper and is effective for reducing signal loss.
Features 3G / 4G LTE MIMO sector antennas


Electrical specifications

Frequency Range: 1700-2700 MHz

Polarization - Vertical and Horizontal

Gain: 2 x 29dBi Mimo

Half power beam width (°) - H: 65 ° V: 15

Forward-backward ratio (dB) - ≥25

Input impedance (Ohm) - 50

Isolation between ports - ≥28 dB

Cross section - ≥15 dB @ 0º ≥10 dB @ + / - 60º

SWR - ≤1.5

Maximum input power (W) - 200 W

Lightning protection


Mechanical characteristics

Input Type: 2 x N-Female or Individual

Dimensions-mm (Height / Width / Depth) 1200 * 280 * 80

Package Size (mm) - 1250 * 320 * 160

The mass of the antenna (kg) - 8

Device Material - PVC

Device Color - Gray

Mechanical tilt (°) 0 ~ 10

Operating Temperature (° C) -40 ~ 60

Rated Wind Velocit (m / s) 60

Mounting Hardware (mm) ¢ 35 ~ ¢ 90
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