Accessory 4 - Antenna adapter for 3G modems and routers Huawei EC228 / EC315 / EC5805 / EC5825 Franklin U600, Pig Tail adapter for CDMA modems

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 Antenna adapter for 3G modems

  • Franklin U600,
  • Huawei E160
  • Huawei E352
  • Huawei EC1705
  • Huawei EC228
  • Huawei EC306
  • Huawei EC315
  • Huawei EC5805,
  • Huawei EC5825
  • ZTE AC3781
  • Cmotech CCU-550
  • Cmotech CDU-550
  • Cmotech CDU-680
  • Utel XU870


Designed to connect an external, directional, car antenna CDMA 800 EVDO, with which you can significantly increase the data transfer speed and enhance the received signal, access the Internet at a considerable distance from the base station, outside the zone of reliable signal reception, conditions of dense urban development, places industrial radio jamming. Helps organize a reliable communication channel for a remote office, warehouse, gas station, suburban, residential, commercial or industrial property.

Modem adapter for external antenna. Serves to connect a 3G modem with a high-frequency cable of an external directional antenna.

The adapter for the antenna is made of high-quality high-frequency connector, and cable pigtail.

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