Favorable prices for components for network equipment and other points

It is almost impossible to imagine modern life without the use of various electronics, including the Internet. Therefore, a company offering competitive prices for components for network equipment will come in handy. An important role when contacting us is also played by the fact that all products are supplied from trusted companies with a good reputation. Each piece is carefully checked by experienced engineers and assessed for compliance with the declared parameters. In addition, our offer is different:


  • wide selection;

  • stable delivery;

  • clear and competent advice;

  • well-functioning policy of interaction with counterparties.


More about accessories for network equipment

They are distinguished by an exquisite variety. This technique should not be limited only to cable lines and devices that distribute wi fi, although they are very important. There are many other attractive and valuable varieties, each of which is especially important. Our assortment includes a large selection:


  • power supplies;

  • accumulators;

  • expansion cards;

  • adapters;

  • various cables.


The site presents all this with delivery and at an affordable price. Qualified consultants are ready to quickly and clearly explain the features of specific solutions and the limits of their applicability. There are, of course, even more prosaic products, such as the patch coder. It is constantly used at any telecommunications facility, and it is practically a consumable.


Our company will offer a comfortable price and convenient payment channels for goods. Even if any payment method has not yet been mastered by us, we will gladly consider its application. For surge protectors, cables, and other consumables, an official quality guarantee is mandatory, which makes it possible not to doubt the high level of the supplied products. She will definitely work out the service life that is prescribed in the documents. If it is necessary to implement any complex and ambiguous project with a non-standard set of equipment, the problem will be solved guaranteed.


All supplied accessories for server equipment also have the appropriate certificates, licenses, specifications and other accompanying documents. Therefore, if necessary, you do not have to unravel the riddle of what it is, why you need it, how it works and how to set it up. The supplied accessories are widely compatible with equipment from various manufacturers.


It is worth emphasizing that the assortment does not end with the described options. We also have active signal amplifiers. There are adapters and brackets for them, and a splitter; and:


  • power supplies of various types;

  • riser board;

  • batteries and cases for routers;

  • assembly kits;

  • adapters of various types;

  • coaxial cables;

  • pigtails;

  • power cords;

connectors and many other important things.

Accessory Coaxial cable RG-58U 10 meters
Coaxial cable EUROSAT RG-58U is designed for high-frequency signal transmission in cable television ..
Accessory Pig-Tail 4 - Антенный адаптер для 3G модемов и роутеров Huawei EC228/EC315/EC5805/EC5825 Franklin U600 , переходник Pig Tail для модемов CDMA
Антенный переходник для 3G модемов  Franklin U600, Huawei E160Huawei E352Huawei EC170..
Accessory Adapter for router and TS9 modem
Антенный переходник R-Net для 3G/4G модемов и роутеров тип TS9..
Accessory Antenna Mount Bracket
Universal bracket for attaching the antenna to the wall.It can be used with 3G / 4G antennas, with C..
Accessory Adapter for SMA Router
The SMA Female adapter is a compact product that serves to connect a router and an external antenna...
Accessory 4 - Antenna adapter for 3G modems and routers Huawei EC228 / EC315 / EC5805 / EC5825 Franklin U600, Pig Tail adapter for CDMA modems
 Antenna adapter for 3G modems   Franklin U600,   Huawei E160 ..
Accessory Переходник N male - F female
Accessory Перехідник TS9-SMA
Accessory F-разъем для кабеля RG-58
Accessory Pig-Tail 5 - Антенный адаптер для 3G модемов и роутеров Novatel MiFi2200, Franklin U301 , переходник Pig Tail для модемов CDMA
Антенный переходник для 3G модемов F разъемNovatel MiFi2200,Franklin U301Franklin U210 Hai..
Accessory SMA plug to cable RG58
An SMA plug to the RG58 cable is needed to connect the SMA connector of your WiFi router to the RG-5..
Accessory Antenna Adapter TS9 F
TS9 antenna adapter is designed to connect usb modems or mobile wifi routers to an outdoor antenna.O..
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