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Previously, in order to make an antenna adapter, one had to resort to such technologies as soldering or looking for special peripheral parts with a connector with a suitable size. Today everything is much simpler and you can purchase an antenna adapter by placing an order remotely in our online store. With us you can count on such advantages as:

  • delivery on favorable terms;

  • remote payment;

  • guarantee for all goods. 


Modern manufacturers produce such products as antenna adapters for connecting antennas in a large assortment, and all products comply with established quality standards. Now they are called - plugs. In appearance, they resemble a sleeve wound on a wire. They have certain advantages. 

  1. The antenna adapter has a shielding braid located near the main core. Without it, it is impossible to achieve uniform wave impedance, as well as prevent the loss of the transmitted signal. 

  2. Antenna cable adapters can be combined with absolutely any kind of other adapters.

  3. Antenna adapters are easy to install. You do not need to have special skills or professional training for this. 

  4. You can always buy an antenna adapter for a modem or any other device at affordable prices.

In order to correctly select cables and adapters, it is important to look through not only the catalog with goods, but also to pay attention to the features of these products. It can be of three types. 


These TV adapters are made as crimped nuts. They have a wide range of applications, especially among modern consumers. This popularity is quite easy to explain, since only a couple of movements are enough to connect the plug. However, there are some disadvantages.

  1. The antenna adapter has an insufficient crimp ring thickness, which can cause damage to the plug during installation.

  2. Due to the fact that there is a shortened internal thread, it can become an obstacle when fixing the wire inside the blade connector.

  3. The antenna adapter can break the braiding conductor or twist the protection while screwing the connector onto the wire itself.


Adapters for cables of this kind differ in that they are very easy to fix. According to the basic rules set by manufacturers, you need:

  • prepare the cable first;

  • insert it into the convector from the side of the narrow opening;

  • carefully cut through the foil cavity;

  • cut through the winding;

  • fix the cable to the outer wall with a crimp and a movable sleeve. 

It is worth paying attention to the fact that before carrying out the clamp, it is necessary to achieve an even distribution of the bent layer over the entire circumference of the wire. 


Such an antenna connector, suitable for television equipment, is recognized as one of the most reliable. To install, you need to use a professional tool, and you also need to familiarize yourself with the specifics of this mount. Installation is that: 

  • carefully prepare the cable;

  • insert it into the cavity of the compression connector, for which forceps are used;

  • the crimp sleeve is pulled in a direction relative to the functional end. 

Order adapters for connecting an external antenna to a modem or router in our store, and you will not regret it. If you need help, we are ready to offer a free consultation.

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Accessory Pig-Tail 5 - Антенный адаптер для 3G модемов и роутеров Novatel MiFi2200, Franklin U301 , переходник Pig Tail для модемов CDMA
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Accessory Адаптер N-female - N-female (мама-мама)
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