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Almost every home today has the Internet. And most people are happy to use the World Wide Web for study, work and a variety of things. But in order for the Internet connection to be reliable, you need to have high-quality equipment. This requires not only routers - routers, but also cables that meet modern technical standards. 

A cable for a router can be called differently, depending on its technical features. Our company offers to buy a variety of patch cords, on the most attractive, favorable terms. We offer excellent service and excellent service, as well as great products at a minimal cost. Patching cord in English is a connecting cord. It is with such cords that a local network is formed, or via the Internet. 

Router cables and their features

There are quite a few cable names that are required to ensure the operation of routers. And only narrow specialists can know them completely and understand their significant differences. But an ordinary Internet user should also know the main points. This is at least useful in order to independently select the necessary patch cord and not ask the master for help, and therefore not pay him extra money:

  • network cable;

  • twisted pair cable;

  • patch cord;

  • twisted pair;

  • Ethernet cable;

  • LAN cable;

  • optical cords;

  • copper;

  • copper-plated (CCA);

All these patch cords you can buy from us, they are almost synonymous and mean the same item. The only thing to consider is that a LAN cable can be used to organize a local network. If you need to buy a patch cord, please note that there are modern types of it, for example, optical patch cords. They are more functional and the speed of information transfer in them is higher. Such cables are made of optical fiber, which in its technical properties is significantly superior to copper. 

A network cable for a router is necessary when you want to organize a local network of several computers with access to one router. This is not new today. A cable for connecting a router and a computer serves where there is a computer, which means in every home. 

Many families have multiple computers that are used by different family members. In this case, the creation of a network is not only convenient, but sometimes necessary. So a father can do work on the Internet, and his child at this time do homework using a computer. At the same time, the mother can browse the recipes in the kitchen. To make such a local network, you need a patch cord for the router. Our company offers to buy network cables for routers on the most favorable terms. You can buy a cable for a Wi-Fi router from us at the best prices on the Internet.

If there is a need or desire to work on a computer in the garden, in the yard, in a remote room, then you will need an appropriate router and a cable for the router of the appropriate length. 

Purchase cables for your router from our company

If you need to buy a cable for your device, be sure to contact our company. Our experts will answer all your questions and help you choose a cable for a Wi-Fi router. We provide not only the best price, but also a guarantee and fast delivery. In our online store you will find exactly the patch cords you need. We offer the best!

Router cable Кабель micro USB 1 метр черный
Router cable Кабель micro USB белый короткий (20-30 см)
Router cable Кабель LAN CAT 5E витая пара (5 м) синий
Router cable Кабель LAN CAT 5E витая пара (2 м) синий
Router cable Кабель LAN CAT 5E витая пара (10 м) синий
Router cable Кабель Usb Type C 1 метр
Router cable Кабель LAN CAT 5E витая пара (20 м) синий
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