Антенна 3G/4G МІМО 2x20dBi направленная 1700-2170 МГц Стрела 5

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Antenna Mount Bracket
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Antenna adapter CRC9 F
Cable for antenna 15m
Cable for  antenna 10m
High-quality directional Antenna 3G / 4G MIMO 2x20dBi directional 1700-2170 MHz ASM20 can significantly enhance the weak signal of mobile operators Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell, 3Mob and increase the data transfer speed.

The antenna supports frequency ranges from 1700 MHz to 2170 MHz, which allows you to work in the coverage areas of domestic operators

- 4G LTE 1800 MHz in the suburbs and rural areas,

- 3G UMTS 2100 MHz in remote locations where 4G LTE network deployments are late.

The 3G / 4G LTE MIMO antenna Strela has a gain of 2 x 20 dBi and can be effective at a distance of up to 20 km from the base station of a mobile operator.

Due to the support of MIMO technology, the data transfer rate can be increased by 2-4 times.

Antenna 3G / 4G LTE MIMO The ASM20 boom is mounted on a mast or wall of a building and is directed towards the operator’s tower.

A mounting kit is provided with the antenna, with which the antenna is mounted on a vertically standing pipe.

To connect the 3G / 4G LTE MIMO Antenna Arrow 2x20 dBi to your modem or mobile router, you also need an antenna cable with a resistance of 50 Ohms and adapters from the cable to the device.

We offer ready-made antenna sets according to your needs for the necessary adapters and cable length.

Connect the antenna and use high-quality Internet.

Characteristics Antenna 3G / 4G MIMO 2x20dBi directional 1700-2170 MHz ASM20

Destination For suburbs, rural areas
Communication standard 4G LTE, 3G UMTS
Work in the network of operators Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell, 3Mob
Frequency Range: 1700-2170 MHz
Class Directional
20dB gain
Effective distance to BS up to 20 km
Polarization: Vertical + Horizontal
Radiation pattern width:
In the vertical plane 20 °
In the horizontal plane 18 °
Maximum power: 50 W
SWR: 1.4 (no more than 1.8)
Number of Elements 18
Operating temperature -50С ... + 50С
Permissible wind load up to 25 m / s
Drop cable (option) RG58
Length 1 m
Antenna weight: 0.7 kg
Antenna dimensions, mm: 1000х130х130
Permissible wind speed: 40 m / s
F-female connection interface
Material of directors and traverses: aluminum, galvanized steel, ABS plastic
Mast mount bracket: galvanized steel


Type of
Области применения
20 dbi дБи
F (мама)
50 Ом
Дополнительные характеристики
Compatible with 3G / 4G equipment
Диапазон частот
1700-2170 МГц ГГц
1000х135х100 мм
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