Antenna for Kyivstar

Today is the peak of the development of new technologies that are globally changing our lives. Especially what is the cost of mobile communications. After all, now you can always be in touch, even hundreds of thousands of kilometers from home. 

One of the leaders in the coverage of mobile communications in Ukraine is the cellular operator Kyivstar. But sometimes there are exceptions in the form of poor signal coverage. And in order to strengthen the signal of a cellular operator, you just need to buy a Kyivstar antenna. 

What to look for when buying a Kyivstar 4G antenna

First of all, when choosing an antenna, it is worth considering a large number of different factors. And the most significant factor is perhaps the antenna gain. Usually it all depends on the distance to the operator's base station and your unique terrain. After all, the further to the base station, the more powerful the antenna is needed.

  • The BS remoteness is within 1-3 km, then the best option is equipment with coefficients of up to 14 dB. 

  • The BS remoteness is within 3-8 km, then the best option is equipment with a coefficient of up to 18 dB. 

  • The BS remoteness is within the boundaries of 8-12 km, then the best option is equipment with a coefficient of up to 20 dB. 


Kievstar 4g antennas have the best technical characteristics for a low price. Thanks to reliable assembly, Kyivstar antennas can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. And at the same time, it will work for a long time and strengthen your 4G Internet from Kyivstar.      

You can buy a 4g antenna for kyivstar from us at a bargain price. The equipment is presented in a large assortment, which means that you can easily choose the option that meets your requirements. We provide a guarantee for equipment, as well as offer delivery and payment services in any convenient way (cash, non-cash, cash on delivery). And if you do not know which antenna is best to choose, then call our specialists. They will be happy to select the antenna you need and help you with its installation.

Panel antenna Antenna 3G / 4G MIMO 1700-2700 MHz 15 dBi panel
  Антенна 3G/4G MIMO 1700-2700 мГц 15 дБи панельная используется для усиления сигнала мобильны..
Антенна 3G/4G МІМО 2x20dBi направленная 1700-2170 МГц Стрела 5
High-quality directional Antenna 3G / 4G MIMO 2x20dBi directional 1700-2170 MHz ASM20 can significan..
RunBit Spider LTE MIMO 2 x 16 дБ
4G/3G антенна RunBit ALTA LTE MIMO 2x16 дБ
3G / 4G LTE panel antenna RNet ALL FREQUENCIES 17 dBi (Kievstar, Vodafone, Lifecell)
MIMO panel antenna RNet ALL FREQUENCIES 17 dBi - equipment designed to amplify and stabilize the com..
4G/3G антенна RunBit LTE MIMO 2 x 18 дБ
4G/3G антенна RunBit Solo 17 дБ
Параболическая MIMO антенна Kroks KNA30-1700/2700
Antenna 4G LTE MIMO panel 2 * 24 dbi (Logo 4G LTE)
The 4G MIMO tablet antenna 2 * 24 dbi is intended for signal amplification of the mobile operators K..
MIMO антенна Sota PM4G CRC9
3G/4G MIMO антенна Sota PM4G CRC9 – компактная антенна для 3G/4G сетей всех сотовых операторов Украи..
3G / 4G LTE Terminal antenna 5 dBi
This antenna is terminal and omnidirectional. The function of the device is to improve the quality o..
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