Directional antennas

Directional antennas for the Internet act as passive signal amplifiers. They have a narrow radiation pattern, receive and transmit a signal in a specific direction.

3g and 4g directional antennas can be used in city and countryside. This is the so-called "wave channel". The installation of such devices has its own nuances. The efficiency of signal reception depends on its correctness.

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Directional gsm antennas do their job well. Therefore, their advantages include:

  1. Ease of use.

  2. Compact dimensions.

  3. Affordable cost.

Directional antennas have precise pointing. Devices of this type are also called ray devices.

What is the benefit of using a directional antenna?

Many people have problems with the Internet while out of town. This happens due to breaks in the cellular signal, its insufficient strength.

Directional 3g antennas solve this problem. They can be used anywhere - in apartments, offices and private houses. With the directional 3G antenna for the modem, you can significantly improve the quality of the connection. They keep the signal stable. This allows you to easily surf the Internet, enjoy games or watching TV programs.

Directional gsm antennas for receiving the signal of a mobile operator are inexpensive. Several manufacturers are engaged in the release of such antennas. Therefore, there will always be a wide range of models on the Ukrainian market. 

If you require directional antennas for gsm, we recommend ordering them from our store. The catalog contains goods from trusted manufacturers.

You can purchase an antenna for working with the Internet of any mobile operator from us. Our main advantages are favorable prices and fast delivery.

Such GSM antennas are easy to connect. They significantly increase the speed of the internet. Such devices are used by businessmen and ordinary people, owners of apartments and country houses, everyone who needs stable access to the Internet via a mobile network.

Our online store sells high-quality antennas, as well as all kinds of accessories for them. The products you need can be selected from the catalog. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants for help.

Connecting an external antenna will solve the problem of unstable Internet, and will strengthen the signal coming from base stations. In addition, the amplifier will improve the quality of communication on a mobile phone if you use such antennas for a repeater. You will forget about disconnections. You will be able to use the Internet in an apartment and a country house. 

Professional help in choosing an antenna will give you the opportunity to purchase the desired model. Payment is made directly on the site in convenient ways. You will receive a guarantee for the purchased equipment.

Amplifiers are available in various functionalities. The price range is wide, there are options for every budget. Connecting the antenna to a usb modem will increase the data transfer speed.

Antenna 21 dB GSM UMTS for MTS, Kyivstar, Wow, Vodafon, 3mob, Lifecell
The 21dB antenna works in 3G and will work in 4G LTE in the regions at a frequency of 1800 MHz.It is..
Антенна 3G/4G МІМО 2x20dBi направленная 1700-2170 МГц Стрела 5
High-quality directional Antenna 3G / 4G MIMO 2x20dBi directional 1700-2170 MHz ASM20 can significan..
Ваша скидка: 121.20грн.
 Антенна LTE 4G 21Дб направленная для Киевстар, Vodafone, Lifecell
Антенна LTE 4G 21Дб направленная для Киевстар, Vodafone, Lifecell
  Антенна LTE 4G 21Дб направленная для Киевстар, Vodafone, Lifecell для усиления 4G LTE сигнала на ..
928.40грн. 807.20грн.
3G CDMA antenna 800 MHz 5 dB indoor directional
The directional indoor 3G antenna CDMA 800 with a power of 5 dBi is designed to improve the quality ..
3G антенна CDMA 800 МГц направленная мощность 24 дБ
Антенна 3G CDMA 800 мГц направленная 17 дБ
Антенна 3G CDMA 800 мГц внешняя направленная 17 дБ применяется для операторов Интертелеком, Пиплнет ..
Антенна 3G CDMA 800 мГц направленная 17 дБ с крыльями
    * Комплект Антенна 3G CDMA 800 мГц направленная 17 дБ с крыльями включает в себя    Ан..
CDMA антенна 800 мГц внешняя направленная 24 дБ
  * Комплект Антенна 3G CDMA 800 мГц направленная 24 дБ с крыльями включает в себя  &nbs..
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