Panel antennas

The panel antenna is the optimal solution for connecting mobile Internet in a country house. The characteristics of such equipment determine the quality of signal reception and the data transfer rate, including in different frequency bands.

Features of panel antennas

Panel 3G 4G antennas are capable of receiving and transmitting the signal of a mobile operator in any area. This allows you to ensure uninterrupted access to the network in holiday villages surrounded by forests, in hilly areas, in cottages located in the lowlands. GSM panel antennas allow you to download large files, watch movies or listen to music online, use social networks, instant messengers, all kinds of virtual services at a good speed.

Panel antennas for cellular communication have several features:

  • They are made in the form of a rectangle or square;

  • They are of modest size and small thickness;

  • Equipped with a built-in waveguide located inside the housing, which performs the function of receiving and reflecting the signal;

  • Does not require tuning to the operator's tower - the directional panel antenna works when the direction is correctly selected;

  • MIMO has 2 co-located antennas of different polarization;

  • Each of the combined antennas has its own cable, which is connected to a router or modem through a standard connector;

  • They receive a signal from any Ukrainian mobile operator.

4G panel antennas can receive the older 3G standard when the signal is lost. They are capable of providing stable and high-quality reception at a considerable distance from the tower. To enhance the signal, it is recommended to install the panel antenna as high as possible, for example, on the roof of a house.

Equipment types

Panel antennas 3G are divided into narrowband and broadband. The former operate at a single frequency, the latter at several. There are models that support MIMO technology. They receive two duplicate signals at once, thereby increasing the speed of information transfer, reducing the risk of information loss. 

Some GSM antennas are equipped with a sealed box inside which the modem is installed. A cable with a USB type connector comes out of it, which is connected to a PC or router. Shielded twisted pair is used to protect against signal loss. In the absence of such a box, a cable is connected to the antenna, and the modem itself is installed in the house. When choosing a model, you need to pay attention to the coefficient indicating the degree of signal amplification.

Benefits of using a panel antenna for the internet

Panel 3G antennas can be bought in the online store without leaving your home. The use of such equipment provides a number of advantages:

  • Powerful connection and large sector of coverage;

  • Ease of installation (no special skills required);

  • High speed of data transfer;

  • The gain is significant;

  • Resistance to electronic interference;

  • Wide frequency range;

  • Low weight.

Panel antennas for 3G are equipped with a housing that is resistant to external influences: temperature extremes, mechanical damage, high humidity, and sunlight. The equipment is suitable for country cottages or summer cottages, and for city apartments located in areas of weak signal reception. 

On our site you can find the best offers of 2G, 3G, 4G antennas. Equipment can be selected according to technical parameters, cost, convenience of payment options and availability of delivery services, as well as guarantees for purchased goods.

Panel antenna Antenna 3G / 4G MIMO 1700-2700 MHz 15 dBi panel
  Антенна 3G/4G MIMO 1700-2700 мГц 15 дБи панельная используется для усиления сигнала мобильны..
Антенна 3G/4G MIMO 700-2600 мГц 8 дБи панельная
  Антенна 3G/4G MIMO предназначена для усиления сигнала операторов Киевстар, Водафон, Лайфселл как ..
RunBit Spider LTE MIMO 2 x 16 дБ
3G/4G LTE панельная антенна квадрат мімо 24 дб
4G/3G антенна RunBit ALTA LTE MIMO 2x16 дБ
3G / 4G LTE panel antenna RNet ALL FREQUENCIES 17 dBi (Kievstar, Vodafone, Lifecell)
MIMO panel antenna RNet ALL FREQUENCIES 17 dBi - equipment designed to amplify and stabilize the com..
Панельная MIMO антенна 824-960 / 1700-2700 мГц17 дб
Антенна 3G/4G MIMO 700-2600 мГц - TS9 коннекторы
4G/3G антенна RunBit LTE MIMO 2 x 18 дБ
4G/3G антенна RunBit Solo 17 дБ
Антенна 4G LTE MIMO панельная 2*24 dbi
  Антенна 4G MIMO планшетная 2*24 dbi предназначена для усиления сигнала мобильных операторов Киевс..
Антенна 3G/4G MIMO 700-2600 мГц - CRC9 коннекторы
Panel antenna Антенна 3G/4G MIMO 700-2600 мГц - SMA коннекторы
Антенна автомобильная MIMO 2*9 dbi
  Панельная терминально-транспортная антенна на липучке MIMO 2*9 dbi используется для усиления 3G/4..
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