The warranty

All products  online store are warranted.

The warranty period can be from 3 to 36 months, depending on the model of equipment.

For most products in our online store, the warranty is 6 months.

 Dear Clients,

If you don’t have the right to buy the goods, you must return the full right to it within the first 14 days after the receipt.

Do not forget that the territory of the United States is protected by the conservative rights of the customer and the consumer.

The right of consumers is reserved, and the mechanism of their protection and the basis for the protection of the living room are also protected.


The return and exchange of goods is possible under the following conditions:


- tovar is new and has not been used;

- The nice view and consumer properties of the product are retained (remained in the unchanged view of all the yarls, seals, foils, bulk, and the rest)

- there are all the details on the product (instructions, warranty, confirmation of the goods, confirming the support).

It is necessary to note that the seller is to the right to direct the product to the official service center of the manufacturer, while the heater is free of fuel and the fan is inaudible.


The seller guarantees the proper operation of the goods during the warranty period, provided that the consumer complies with the operating rules.

During the warranty period, the consumer has the right to free repair or replacement of goods, and to other rights in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".


Warranty Terms:


1. Warranty repair is carried out under the following conditions:

the presence of a warranty card and a document certifying the fact of the purchase of goods;

presentation for warranty service of goods in full set (original packaging, instructions, charger, etc.);

safety guarantee seals and serial numbers;

lack of mechanical, thermal, chemical damage;

the absence in the product of any liquid, foreign objects, insects and the consequences of their presence;

lack of changes in the design of the goods;

lack of intervention and any changes in the software of the device;

compliance with operating rules;

intended use of goods.

2. Delivery of goods is carried out by the client at the address of the service center or store at his own expense.

3. The warranty includes the replacement of components, parts, components and repairs during the warranty period.

4. The warranty does not apply to software and accessories (batteries, cords, power supplies, etc.).

5. In the event that repair is not possible, replacement is carried out only if there is a package, a document proving the fact of the purchase of goods (cash, receipt, receipt, etc.), warranty card, as well as the passport of the buyer.