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Would you like to purchase a 3g internet kit? Do you need high-quality equipment that can meet your expectations and investments? Pay attention to the offers of our online store, where you can place an order:

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As a rule, a kit for 3g Internet may be required by those who live in summer cottages, country cottages, where it is impossible to conduct wired Internet. It is there that a 3G modem will become an excellent assistant, through which you can get access to high-speed mobile Internet. It is important to understand that the signal coming from the modem will not always be stable and powerful, which leads to disconnections and automatic switching to 2G. It is not only possible to solve this problem, but also necessary and will help in this a signal amplification kit.

The modern equipment market presents for sale kits for strengthening the Internet for summer cottages in a large assortment. Each device has certain characteristics, performance properties, functionality. Before buying a 3g kit, you should pay attention to the device classification.

  1. Active. Internet kits , which may consist of devices such as: repeater, various antennas, modem or router. Each model is independent. 

  2. Passive. 3g kit in the form of an antenna, which may have different configurations. This is additional equipment connected to the main source of the network - the modem. 

An active set of Internet 3g and 4G is mainly electronic devices that pick up a weak signal and duplicate it several times stronger... This amplifier is not a portable device. For its functioning, it is enough to have a 220V constant voltage socket. When a weak signal is received from the station, it is relayed by the repeater to the points of consumption, and will transmit communication through the premises, to which the signal did not reach or was of poor quality. With this technology, it is possible to expand the range of the amplified signal to 1500 square meters. In this case, to receive the Internet, you will not need an additional antenna for your modem or router. You just need to have a router or modem. We would like to note that from the poles there will also be a moment that such amplifiers immediately strengthen your connection on the phone.  

This set of 3g internet has a number of advantages.

  1. You can quickly expand the radius of coverage of mobile communications and the Internet. 

  2. The set can amplify and stabilize the signal of absolutely any operator.

  3. Installation and connection does not require the involvement of a specialist or special skills. 

  4. You can form a local network using a 3G router to which home gadgets will be connected via Wi-Fi.

Kits for connecting the Internet in the country and for amplifying it of the passive type are antennas that improve the existing signal. With the help of such devices, you can achieve a stable connection, which will allow you to comfortably use the network without interruptions. Depending on the power of the antenna, it can increase the data transfer rate by several tens of times. Passive attitudes have their advantages.

  1. Extensive lineup.

  2. No installation problem. 

  3. No special settings needed.

  4. It is not necessary to connect to the mains.

  5. Optimal cost.

Choose devices in our online store, where it is provided: delivery, payment by any means and a guarantee. We offer only high-quality equipment that meets international standards.

Internet kit Huawei E3251 + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Комплект Huawei E3276s-150 + Netis MW5230
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei E3131 + D-Link DIR-815/AC
Internet kit Huawei E3131 + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Huawei E3531+ Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Huawei EC315 + Антенный комплект CDMA 24ДБ*
Характеристики Huawei EC315 Wi-Fi EVDO Rev.BПроизводитель: HuaweiСтандарт: 3G EVDO Rev.A, Rev.BРабот..
Internet kit Huawei K3806 + Антенна терминальная 3dBi
Internet kit Huawei K4505 + Антенна терминальная 3dBi
Internet kit Huawei K4510 + Антенна терминальная 3dBi
Internet kit Netgear AirCard 771s + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Netgear Aircard 781s + Антенный комплект 21ДБ *
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The most popular brands in the catalog 3G kit:

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    The average cost of goods in the category 3G kit : 1580 грн.