3G internet for summer cottages

Looking for a quality 3g summer cottage kit? Do you want to choose equipment that will allow you to access the Internet without any problems? Pay attention to the ready-made solutions offered by our online store. We are:

  • prompt delivery;

  • payment in various ways;

  • guarantee.


Many mobile Internet subscribers are often faced with the fact that the device has poor signal reception. Naturally, questions begin to arise on how to achieve its strengthening, stabilization, improvement. The Ukrainian market is represented by a considerable number of companies whose specialization is the development of such installations as a set for signal amplification. They contribute to:

  • improving the data transfer rate;

  • ensuring uninterrupted operation of the network.

To choose the optimal set of 3g Internet for a summer residence, you need to be guided by it: 

  • technical characteristics;

  • operational properties;

  • area of ​​application.

The optimal set for a house, apartment, summer cottage is one in which there is necessarily an amplifier. It may be of several types.

  1. Repeater. Such a 3G kit for a summer residence and a village is chosen if it is necessary to simultaneously strengthen the Internet and mobile voice communication. However, operation is possible only if the structure is located in the place where the external antenna is mounted.

  2. 3G / 4G 3g internet kit for the country house , which consists of a modem, an antenna. Designed for outdoor installation. With this setup, you can significantly enhance the signal of the mobile Internet. The main advantage is that it is possible to receive even weak signals and transmit high-speed Internet to: laptops, televisions, telephones and even systems designed for video surveillance.

We offer for sale ready-made 3g / 4g kits that can be used in a country house and in other places where there is poor or insufficient network coverage. 3g internet to the dacha will be formed or strengthened through the use of such structures as:

  • Antenna;

  • Cable;

  • a router / modem that distributes a signal via wi fi .

As a rule, the Internet connection in the country is due to the fact that a SIM card of a carefully selected operator is installed in the router / modem. Internet kits from cellular communication can be selected according to the type of antenna available. It happens:

  • room;

  • street, which must be located above the signal level;

  • outdoor dual MIMO, which increases the data rate, improves signal reception in various planes.

You can select sets by the type of router.

  1. Modem designed for 3G / 4G network with WiFi router function. Economy option set.

  2. Prefabricated routers, consisting of a modem, a usb router. These upgrades are in the highest demand. 

  3. Universal complexes, which include a stationary router with a slot for a SIM card.

In our online store you will find a lot of interesting offers for every taste. If necessary, you can contact our customer service specialists who can provide you with free advice on issues related to our field of activity. We guarantee that the units purchased from us can meet your investment and expectations. They comply with international quality standards and are supplied in the complete set declared by the manufacturer. Hurry to place an order, and it will be delivered as soon as possible. Choose us and you will not regret it.

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☝ 3G internet for summer cottages — the most popular brands ❓

The most popular brands in the catalog 3G internet for summer cottages:

  • Huawei
  • Novatel
  • Sierra
  • ☝ How much does it cost 3G internet for summer cottages❓

    The average cost of goods in the category 3G internet for summer cottages : 1580 грн.