3G internet for home

It is hardly possible to find at least one modern person who would not use the Internet, regardless of what field of activity he is engaged in, what gender, age and where he lives. The global network is:

  • a source of a large amount of information in any direction;

  • a way of virtual communication with people around the world;

  • by the way of work or study and not only.

To always stay in touch and even outside the city, you should definitely purchase a 3g kit for home, which is presented in our online store, where customers are provided with:

  • extensive assortment;

  • delivery on favorable terms;

  • guarantee;

  • payment by any means convenient for you. 


Equipment kits are most often aimed at using the Internet provided by mobile networks. This is fully justified, since those who live outside the city may have problems connecting to the regular network. 

  1. There is no way to lay a fiber optic cable.

  2. The monopoly provider offers excessively high rates.

Mobile Internet is a real way out of the situation. Modern 3G and 4G technologies are actively developing and improving. They have a lot of possibilities, and such a network is in no way inferior to a wired one. Our online store offers a number of sets of equipment designed to get high-quality Internet access anywhere in the country. You can be outside the city, at the dacha, as well as in any other areas where the network coverage is far from the best. 

To improve the mobile Internet, it is necessary to use such devices as:

  • antenna;

  • HF cable;

  • router.

Each set may differ in the type of antenna. It happens: 

  • room;

  • street, which must be set at a level higher than the one at which the signal is applied;

  • street dual MIMO, which has a higher speed compared to the previous model, and the reception and transmission of data will be carried out in different planes.

Ready-made solutions may differ in the type of router. 

  1. A modem dedicated to 3G / 4G network that can function as a WiFi router. Economy option kit.

  2. A prefabricated router consisting of a modem and a usb router.

  3. Complex equipment, which includes a stationary router, as well as TP-Link, which has a slot for a SIM card.

We offer the lowest prices in the region, but this is not reflected in the quality of the supplied equipment. From us you can purchase devices for capturing and transmitting a signal, as well as for its amplification. This can be done by applying:

  • repeaters;

  • external antennas;

  • components, for example: cable, antenna fasteners, divider, pigtail.

By installing amplification systems, you can forever forget about the problems with access to the Internet. There are several reasons that there is a difficulty in receiving a signal.

  1. The operator's base station is too far away, and the further the distance, the weaker the signal is.

  2. The area of ​​residence or stay has a special relief. The territory can be: hilly, mountainous, with dense forest and other natural obstacles.

  3. The structure of the building contributes to the degradation of the signal quality. It can be an old building with a large wall thickness or it was built of stone, brick, blocks containing gypsum or metal.

To live in a country house and use the Internet for your pleasure, buy our ready-made kits, get a free consultation, and you will be fully satisfied with your cooperation with us.

3G Intertelecom kit
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Internet kit Комплект Huawei E3276s-150 + Netis MW5230
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei E3131 + D-Link DIR-815/AC
Internet kit Huawei E3131 + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Huawei E3531+ Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Huawei EC315 + Антенный комплект CDMA 24ДБ*
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Internet kit Huawei K3806 + Антенна терминальная 3dBi
Internet kit Huawei K4505 + Антенна терминальная 3dBi
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Internet kit Netgear AirCard 771s + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Netgear Aircard 781s + Антенный комплект 21ДБ *
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☝ 3G internet for home — the most popular brands ❓

The most popular brands in the catalog 3G internet for home:

  • Huawei
  • Novatel
  • Sierra
  • ☝ How much does it cost 3G internet for home❓

    The average cost of goods in the category 3G internet for home : 1580 грн.