3G internet to the office

You can hardly find a person who can argue about the benefits of wireless mobile Internet. In modern life, it has become almost indispensable, but not so long ago it was necessary to connect to the global network via wires, local networks and more.

However, even now, when there is a century of active progression of technologies, not every operator can provide subscribers with an ideal network that will catch on the most remote areas outside the city. In order not to face such problems, it is worth paying attention to the sets of equipment created in order to amplify the signal and stay in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Ready-made solutions designed to improve the reception of mobile Internet in the city and beyond will be relevant for those who often stay: 

  • far from cellular base stations;

  • remotely from the modem, router;

  • in buildings with thick walls, where there may be problems with signal transmission from room to room;

  • in structures where other factors are present. 

3g office kits are external antennas that will receive the signal of the telecom operator, and then through the cable they will deliver it to the modem or router in which it is built. Our online store has picked up a considerable number of proposals that can satisfy customers by:

  • technical characteristics;

  • operational properties;

  • cost.

It is worth noting that the principle of operation of such devices is as follows.

  1. The main task of the devices is to receive a signal through an antenna installed outside the building. It will be directed to the nearest tower to which the telecom operator is connected. This structure is usually placed on the roof and the higher the better. With regard to the exact lift height, each type of equipment has its own requirements.

  2. The received signal is transmitted to a cellular amplifier. There it is processed and, accordingly, amplified.

  3. The processed wave is then fed to antennas located inside the building, intended for distribution. Basically, there is enough construction for each floor. This will ensure the supply of high-quality connection with high-speed Internet even inside country houses or high-rise business centers.

Our online store offers ready-made sets of equipment for the Internet in the office, as well as with us:

  • low prices;

  • delivery on favorable terms;

  • payment by any convenient means;

  • guarantee.

The equipment that can be purchased from us can be of several categories.

  1. Modem-based. Namely, the entire system will consist of: antenna, cable, adapter, modem. Purpose - transmission of an Internet signal to a computer or laptop.

  2. Based on: modem, router. The system will include devices in the form of: antenna, cable, adapter, modem, router. Purpose - transmission of the Internet signal and its distribution to points of consumption via wifi, for which a router is needed.

  3. Assembled on the basis of a router that has a built-in modem. The kit is exactly the same as the previous version, but in this case the modem and router are one device, not two.

  4. Sets that do not have a final signal receiving device, consisting of: antenna, cable, adapter. The buyer will need to independently and separately select a modem, a router, based on his taste.

  5. Car kits designed to also receive an Internet signal.

Hurry to place your order and it will be shipped as soon as possible.

Internet kit Комплект Huawei E3276s-150 + Netis MW5230
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei E3131 + D-Link DIR-815/AC
Internet kit Комплект Netis MW5230 + Huawei EC315 CDMA Rev.B
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei E3531 + Netis MW5230
  Недорогой, но беспроблемный комплект 3G оборудования Huawei E3531 + Netis MW5230 позволяет р..
Internet kit Комплект Netis MW5230 + Huawei EC315
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei E3251+ Netis MW5230
  Комплект 3G модем Huawei E3251+ Netis MW5230  - популярный комплект оборудования для ор..
3G internet to the office ZTE MF831 + Asus RT-AC51u
Internet kit Комплект Netis MW5230 + Huawei EC306 CDMA Rev.B Б/у
Internet kit ZTE MF831 + Asus RT-AC51u
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Novatel U760 + Asus RT-AC51U
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei E173 + TENDA 4G630
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei E352 + TENDA 4G630
Internet kit Комплект 3G модем Huawei EC306 + TENDA 4G630
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The most popular brands in the catalog 3G internet to the office:

  • Huawei
  • ZTE
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    The average cost of goods in the category 3G internet to the office : 1495 грн.