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4G kits

Modern realities are such that every adult and even a child simply needs constant and stable access to the Internet. After all, it is through him that communication takes place (messengers, social networks, etc.), people find out the news and more and more often work. That is why, for many, it is extremely important to have a stable and high-speed connection to the Network. This issue can be solved with the help of the 4G kit.

Being in a country house or in the suburbs, mobile Internet is used to access the World Wide Web, but finding a place to be in an area of ​​stable coverage is quite difficult, so help is needed to strengthen the base station. This can be done using an antenna. But purchasing it alone is not able to significantly improve the situation, since you will have to independently select additional equipment. It is better to give preference to a universal 4G Internet kit, which includes both an antenna and a modem, a router and mounting parts.

In our online store you can buy a 4g kit at a low price. We offer our clients ready-made solutions that allow you to quickly establish communication in the country, in a private house and other places with poor coverage.

What problems can be solved

Equipment kits help in solving several categories of issues at once, including:

  • The need to distribute the Internet to several devices (TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc.). It is impossible to do this using one modem, since the router is responsible for the distribution, which is exactly included in the 4G LTE kit.

  • The need to improve a weak signal in a holiday village or rural area, caused by fewer communication towers compared to urban conditions. In this case, the antenna with an increased gain is the assistant included in the 4G amplification kit. The device can be attached in different places and directed towards the tower of your cellular operator.


Buying a 4G kit has a number of advantages, among which are:

  • Affordable cost against the background of the ability to provide yourself with a high-quality and fast Internet connection.

  • Mobility. GSM repeater 4G LTE kit is easy to dismantle and can be installed in any convenient place. For example, you can take it both when traveling to the country, and when visiting friends, relatives who do not live in urban areas or on a business trip, etc.

  • Simple operation and setup. All models of 4G kits presented in the catalog have detailed instructions on settings, so you do not need any special knowledge or skills to use them.

  • The equipment supports many GSM standards.

  • The package includes everything you need for quick and easy installation, which means you don't need to buy anything extra.

We sell only high-quality products with a factory warranty of 6 months. We deliver to different regions of the country, and also provide a choice of one of the convenient payment methods, including transfers to card accounts, cash, etc.

Internet kit Huawei E8372h-153 + 3G/4G Антенна Mimo 8.8 Дб
Internet kit Huawei E3372-607 + 2 Антенны терминальные 3dBi
Internet kit Huawei E3372-607 Black + 3G/4G Антенна Mimo 8.8 Дб
Internet kit 3G / 4G wifi kit for home universal
The most universal solution for mobile Internet coverage at home or cottage.Now you don’t have to th..
Internet kit Huawei Bolt E8372h-153 + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit Huawei E5573Bs-320 + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
Internet kit ZTE MF79u + 3G/4G Антенна Mimo 8.8 Дб
Internet kit Готовое решение для дома "4G Мобильный интернет
Huawei E8372 UMTS / HSDPA / LTE modem + wifi router with an antenna connector, supports up to 10 dev..
Internet kit ZTE MF79u + 2 Антенны терминальные 3dBi
Internet kit Комплект Netis MW5230 + 3G/4G модем Huawei E3372h-607
Internet kit Комплект Huawei E5573s + Антенна Mimo*
Internet kit Huawei K5160 + 2 Антенны терминальные 3dBi
Internet kit Готовое решение для дома "4G Мобильный интернет
Huawei E8372 UMTS / HSDPA / LTE modem + wifi router with an antenna connector, supports up to 10 dev..
Internet kit Комплект Asus RT-AC51u + 3G/4G модем Huawei E8372h-153
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The most popular brands in the catalog 4G kit:

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    The average cost of goods in the category 4G kit : 2770 грн.