4G internet to the office

The Internet is a must for any modern office. Employees use it. The Internet is a platform for communication and quick settlement of business issues. It makes it possible to exchange data in real time. Most office programs are Internet-based. 

Affordable mobile internet kits

The usual mobile Internet is not enough for productive work. The signal is not good everywhere. Unstable internet can lead to business downtime. You can solve the problem by purchasing a signal amplifier or a special set of equipment.

It is not difficult for professionals to establish a stable working Internet. They will promptly install the equipment, make all the necessary settings. The advantages of this solution include:

  1. Constant access to the Internet.

  2. The ability to use at various facilities, including offices.

  3. Acceptable cost. 

Uninterrupted internet to the office

You can buy a 4g set for the office at a reasonable price. You will receive the most modern equipment that is designed for continuous operation.

4g is a new generation of mobile communication that meets high demands. This kind of Internet is great for home, summer cottages and offices. The fourth generation includes promising technologies, for which the future belongs. The 4g office kit will provide you with high-speed internet access. The data transfer rate is over 100 Mbps. Such a connection catches even where others are powerless. Buying a set of equipment in an online store does not require large financial costs. We have the lowest prices, so you can avoid overpayments. 

We will provide you with the opportunity to use a new generation of communication. The equipment kits on sale are ideal for installation in office buildings. Employees of many companies and organizations complain about slow Internet. As a result, clients have to spend time waiting, which negatively affects the image of companies and the effectiveness of personnel. But this problem can be solved.

Companies that are trying to keep up with the times have already switched to high-speed internet. The costs of purchasing such equipment, and it is not so expensive, fully justify themselves, and in the shortest possible time.  

We offer turnkey business solutions. If you want your company's employees to work without downtime and with maximum dedication, we recommend that you take care of a stable Internet. Payment can be made in a way convenient for you. All kits come with a warranty. Instructions are attached to the equipment, but it is not necessary to study it - the specialists will connect and configure everything themselves. It won't take long for 4g kits to arrive. We will be happy to help you establish a stable Internet. We will provide high-tech solutions, thanks to which you will forget about communication problems.

Internet kit 3G / 4G wifi kit for home universal
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Internet kit Комплект Asus RT-AC51u + 3G/4G модем Huawei E8372h-153
Internet kit Комплект ZTE MF283 + Антенна 3G/4G 21 Дб*
Internet kit Комплект ZTE MF283 + Антенна Mimo**
Internet kit Комплект Asus RT-AC51u + 3G/4G модем Huawei E3372h-607 Black
Internet kit Комплект Huawei B310s-22 White + Антенна 3G/4G 21 Дб*
Internet kit Huawei 4G Wifi интернет под ключ
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The most popular brands in the catalog 4G internet to the office:

  • Huawei
  • Asus
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  • 3G / 4G wifi kit for home universal, 4G internet to the office, Huawei, 7810
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    The average cost of goods in the category 4G internet to the office : 3790 грн.