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More recently, the Internet in the car seemed like something fantastic. But today, without any problems, you can use all the possibilities of the World Wide Web right in your own car. To do this, it is enough to purchase and install a special device - a modem.

What is the Internet for in the car?

Internet for a car is the convenience of the driver and his passengers. Network access allows you to:

  • Usefully spend time in traffic jams;

  • Do not worry about the lack of communication on the highway or outside the city;

  • Get the information you need while on the road;

  • Use e-mail at any time;

  • Determine a suitable route even without a navigator;

  • Order an air ticket or a hotel room without leaving the car;

  • Find nearby cafes, pharmacies and other facilities.

Unsurprisingly, many car enthusiasts want to put the internet in their car and get all these and many other features.

Advantages of a modem for a car

The best option for connecting to the network is considered to be a 4G modem for a car. Such devices:

  • They work autonomously, thanks to the presence of a battery;

  • They are small in size and do not take up much space;

  • Are inexpensive;

  • Easy to connect;

  • Capable of connecting to various networks.

You can buy a ready-made kit from us in the online store with an antenna that is mounted on the roof of the car, all the cables necessary for connection, and a power adapter. The principle of operation of such systems is to receive an external antenna signal from the base stations of cellular operators and transmit it to the modem.

A modem with a Wi-Fi module will allow you to access the Internet from different devices. A SIM card is installed in the device, and the user chooses the most profitable and convenient tariff for him. In fact, an access point is created in the machine. If the driver needs a stable Internet connection, including while driving, it is worth purchasing a 4G signal booster for the car. 

How to choose a modem for your car?

Today, users have access to a large selection of a wide variety of systems and kits for connecting the Internet in the car. To find the best option, it is worth considering a few nuances:

  • Purpose of use - if we are talking only about communication in messengers, you can buy a modem with modest characteristics. You will need a more powerful device to download files and watch videos;

  • Place of use - it is important here whether the connection will be carried out only within the country or will be required during trips abroad;

  • The main areas of movement - in cities there is good access to the operator's network, outside the city communication sometimes leaves much to be desired, so you cannot do without an amplifier;

  • The number of simultaneously connected devices and their types - access to the network may be required not only for the driver, but also for passengers.

All these questions need to be compared with the technical parameters of the modem and router. It will not be superfluous to consult with the seller about payment methods, delivery options, the availability of a guarantee for the goods, and also clarify what exactly is included in the kit. 

Modern 4G LTE modems for cars are capable of providing high data transfer rates and stable connections in almost any environment. On our website you will find not only an extensive selection of such devices and kits, but also favorable prices for the most demanded items.

Internet kit ZTE MF79u + 2 Антенны терминальные 3dBi
Internet kit ZTE Car Kit ZTE MF79u + 5dBi Antenna
Internet kit Автомобильный комплект 3G/4G Huawei E8372+ 3G/4G Антенна 5dBi
  Надежный и эффективный 3G/4G комплект для автомобиля с популярным модемом Huawei E8372 wifi  - пр..
Internet kit Комплект для автомобиля Huawei EC315 +3G/4G автомобильная антенна 5dBi
Характеристики Huawei EC315 Wi-Fi EVDO Rev.BПроизводитель: HuaweiСтандарт: 3G EVDO Rev.A, Rev.BРабот..
Internet kit Huawei E8278s-602 + 2 Антенны терминальные 3dBi
Internet kit Huawei E8372h-153 + 2 Антенны терминальные 3dBi
Internet kit Huawei E8372h-153 + 2 Антенны терминальные 4dBi
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The most popular brands in the catalog Internet for car:

  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Sierra
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    The average cost of goods in the category Internet for car : 2040 грн.