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Nowadays, it is difficult for an ordinary person to imagine life without the Internet. Now that the whole world is tied into a tangle of the world wide web. Any critical infrastructure cannot function without this technology. Especially now the use of wireless boarding is gaining popularity. 

Wireless Internet is a very convenient thing in terms of its compactness and versatility. At the moment, the most popular mobile Internet providers in Ukraine are Vodafone, Kyivstar, lifecell. 

Each operator has a bunch of their own tariffs, which are detailed in one of our articles,  which can be replaced by an intertelecom .

The selection of a mobile operator is an important decision on which the quality of your Internet will depend. If you are already on this page, then you are already ready to take your first step to 4G Internet. 

To save you a lot of time when choosing a tariff. We will give you a couple of the right tips.

First of all, if you want to use the mobile Internet for a long time and comfortably, you should decide on a cellular operator. Namely which operator gives you the best internet coverage in your area. To do this, you just need to take SIM cards from different operators and test the 4G Internet speed on your mobile phone. If only one operator perfectly catches you and the speed is good, then take his tariff. 

You already select the operator's tariff plan according to your goals for the Internet. For study and just reading the news, the usual tariffs with a small amount of traffic per month up to 20-30GB will be enough. Well, if you like watching TV shows and playing games online and also broadcasting. Then you will definitely need a tariff plan with unlimited traffic. However, not everything is so sweet with such tariffs, most operators, after using 20-40 GB per day, begin to cut the speed down to 1-3 Mb / s. Sometimes this problem can be solved by concluding a contract with a mobile operator, but the price of the tariff plan may be higher.

4G / 3G Internet tariff Vodafone SuperNet Start 5 Гб/мес за 110грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 110грн/услуги банка 5грн) (на счету 110 грн), 239 грн.
Vodafone SuperNet Start 5 Гб/мес за 110грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 110грн/услуги банка 5..
4G / 3G Internet tariff ТАРИФНЫЙ ПЛАН «БИЗНЕС LIFECELL 199»
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