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3G / 4G Antennas
Antenna terminal 3G / 4G LTE 3dBi TS9
Car antenna 3G / 4G 700-2700MHz 9dB F
Antenna 21 dB GSM UMTS LTE directional ALL FREQUENCIES for Kyivstar, Wow, Vodafon, 3mob, Lifecell
CDMA kit 800 MHz 24 dB + 10m cable + adapter
Antenna Mount Bracket
Antenna Adapter TS9 F
Cable for antenna 15m
Cable for  antenna 10m
4G / 3G Internet tariffs
Тариф Lifecell 70 Гб+ 70Гб/мес за 199грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 199грн/услуги банка 5грн(на счету 199грн), 303 грн.
Vodafone SuperNet Unlim 330 грн (Пакет / Налаштування обладнання / Аванс 380 грн / послуги банку 5грн) (на рахунку 330 грн),
Тариф Lifecell 20 Гб/мес за 199грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 70грн/услуги банка 5грн(на счету 70грн), 174 грн.
Тариф Киевстар макс/безл за 300грн/мес (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/услуга банка 5грн (1 месяц Free), 399 грн.
Vodafone SuperNet Start 5 Гб/мес за 110грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 110грн/услуги банка 5грн) (на счету 110 грн), 239 грн.
Vodafone Device M 10 Гб/мес за 100 грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 100грн/услуги банка 5грн) (на счету 165 грн), 199 грн.
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12 months warranty

The novelty - Novatel MiFi 6620L wireless Wifi router - embodies the advantages of all previous Novatel mobile routers, which have already proven themselves in Ukraine and have become very popular among mobile Internet users in the world.

What are the benefits of the Novatel MiFi 6620L?

- compact device size

- informative display

- good signal reception

- the ability to work in Ukraine both in gsm networks and with cdma operators Intertelecom or Piplnet at the highest speeds

- an excellent 4000 mAh battery with the ability to recharge other mobile devices

- the ability to connect an external remote or car antenna

Technical characteristics of the Novatel MiFi 6620L mobile router:

Networks and frequencies:

CDMA EVDO Rev A, Rev B at frequencies of 800 and 1900 MHz (in Ukraine it works with Intertelecom and Peoplenet)

LTE 4G 700 and 1700 MHz, 1800 MHz (ONLY for the version of the router with 3G / 4G) (Kyivstar, Vodafon, Lifecell)

HSPA / UMTS / EDGE / GSM operating frequencies in the ranges 850/900/1800/1900/2100 (all mobile operators are Kyivstar, Vodafon, Lifecell and Trimob)


Router features

The modem can operate SIM cards of any GSM operator - Kyivstar, Vodafon, Lifecell or Trimob, as well as Intertelecom number.

By default, the Intertelecom number is flashed in the settings of this modem.

The option to work on the Ruim card can be selected upon purchase (ONLY for the version of the router with 3G / 4G).

Intertelecom, PEOPLEnet - up to 14.2 Mbps

Kyivstar, Vodafon, Lifecell - up to 21 Mbps

Trimob - up to 7.2 Mbps

4G LTE - over 100 Mbit / s ... in small district centers, villages where the frequency of 1800 MHz is used (ONLY for the version of the router with 3G / 4G)

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz a / b / g / n, with MIMO technology

Processor Used: Qualcomm MDM9625

Maximum number of users: up to 15 devices at a time

Battery Li-Ion capacity: 4000 mAh, up to 20 hours of battery life.

Extra charge via standard microUSB

Compatible with operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

Interface language: English.

Options wireless router Novatel Mifi 6620L:

* mobile router

* accumulator battery

* USB cable

* packaging, check, warranty card

Tips for optimizing or speeding up your Novatel 6620L connection

The Novatel 6620L wireless signal works similar to a mobile phone and you need a high-quality signal from a mobile operator to establish a good connection.

If you don’t get the desired speed on your mobile router, you can try these tips to improve your signal reception.

1. If possible, move to an area with a higher signal level inside the building or house. Different areas in the room can receive a different signal strength of the mobile operator depending on the location relative to the position of the BS.

2. Find a window or place where the number and thickness of the walls between you and the intended location of the BS are less.

3. Locate the mobile router at least two meters from other electronic devices or devices, such as a game console, mobile phone, cordless home telephone, microwave, satellite receiver, etc.

4. Sometimes, a slowdown in the Internet can be associated with a decrease in system performance. In this case, try to regularly clear your browser cache and temporary files.

5. If you are away from settlements or in areas with poor reception of a mobile operator’s signal, use amplification kits that include external remote or car antennas.


Resetting to factory settings (RESET) leads to the loss of operator network data programmed into this router.


Type of
Router (no connection)
Емкость аккумулятора
4000 mAh
Maximum data reception rate
150 Мбит/с
Maximum speed of sending data
75 Мбит/с
What is included
Box, sales receipt (warranty card), router
Дополнительные характеристики
Support SMS; Output to an external antenna; Power Bank; Support for dual-band operation; Standards: 4G, LTE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA +, Rev.A, Rev.B, LTE-FDD; Protocol versions: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n; OS support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux; Battery: 4000 mah; Number of connections: 15
95х67х19.3 мм
Standards support
There is an internal connector for an external antenna.
6 months
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