In 2021, the development of mobile technology leaped forward for several decades. Especially worth noting is the development of the mobile Internet, which now allows us to watch movies in 4K quality. But as you all know, it is not always convenient to use the phone as a source of mobile Internet. Therefore, a usb modem was created to solve this problem. 

The possibilities that a 3G \ 4G modem provides us

First of all, I would like to say that this device was developed for people who do not have the ability to connect to a wired Internet. After all, we all know perfectly well that in 2021 it is difficult to imagine a comfortable life without the global web. 

These modems are great for those people who constantly work at home or travel. Thanks to its small size, it will easily fit into your pocket or purse. 

The small size of such a device allows it not only to be compact, but also very powerful. Thanks to the development of mobile communication technologies, a modern usb modem will allow you to get a high speed Internet connection even outside the city. So a regular 4G modem with excellent mobile signal coverage can give you a download speed of up to 150 Mbps. The main conditions for such a speed are good coverage of your operator's mobile network and an excellent signal strength. 

Modem types

With the development of the great popularity of the wireless Internet, modem manufacturers began to go for tricks. This, in turn, gave impetus to the emergence of various types and types of these devices. Now even an ordinary modem is divided into different types. First of all, all modems are divided on what communication technology they work and what generation they support. For Ukraine, there are two options: GSM and CDM. The last option is already very outdated, and the operator, which provided its communication services on this technology, has closed. Therefore, it is worth looking towards only GSM modems that support 3G and 4G communication generations. 

Well, then the modems can already be divided according to their functionality and form factor.  

  • by form factor - straight and swivel USB

  • in terms of functionality, these are ordinary USB modems and modems with a built-in Wi-Fi chip. 

The usual 4G modem is often used if you need to provide only one device with the Internet, a computer or laptop.

A USB modem with Wi-Fi is already used to provide Internet to several devices at the same time. Such a modem will allow you to distribute the Internet within a radius of up to 10 meters and connect up to 10 devices to yourself. In terms of functionality, they are very similar to mobile Wi-Fi routers. 

Buy 3G / 4G modem

The emergence of 4G communication in Ukraine allowed the villagers to have high-speed Internet not only in their city, but also outside the city at the dacha or in the village with their grandmother. At the same time, all of you now needlessly overpay for the equipment and its installation. 

In our store there is a wide catalog of various USB modems. Thanks to our consultants, we will be able to choose a modem for your most complex tasks. Also, our store provides the lowest price for devices and a warranty of more than 6 months.

List of the best modem manufacturers for Ukraine.

Ergo Modems | Sierra Modems | EVDO-LINK Modems | Modems Huawei | Novatel Modems | SAMSUNG Modems | Shanghai-Bell Modems | Alcatel Modems | Avenor Modems | Axesstel Modems | BandLuxe Modems | Cal-Comp-Cricket Modems | D-Link Modems | Franklin Modems | Haier Modems | HOJY Modems | INNOFIDEI Modems | Kyocera Modems | Lava Modems | LG Modems |   Micromax Modems |  Motorola Modems | Netgear Modems |  Option Modems | Pantech Modems | Smartfren Modems | Surfing Modems | Modems ZTE | Asiatelco Modems | EVDO-LINK modems

ANTENITI E8372-153
If you have long dreamed of a fast 3G / 4G modem with WiFi support, then ANTENITI E8372-153 is what ..
Huawei E3372
Huawei E8372h-153
  * В Антенный комплект Huawei E8372 входит:  -  Новый 4G модем Huawei E8372 с гарантией 6 мес с п..
ANTENITI E3372h-153
HUAWEI Vodafone K4305
  HUAWEI Vodafone K4305 – это модем для людей, не привыкших сидеть на месте и которым постоянно тре..
Alcatel 1K3M
Alcatel 1K3M is a modem that does not require a special program to install, as it has built-in Plug ..
ZTE MF79u wifi c 2-мя разъемами (гарантия 12 мес)
Huawei E173
  * В Антенный комплект Huawei E173 входит:  -  Новый 3G модем Huawei E173 с поддержкой всех GSM о..
ZTE MF665C – это небольшой мобильный модем, который поддерживает сим-карту любого оператора связи и ..
EVDO-link 3277
  3G модем EVDO-link EL3277 поддерживает работу со всеми сим-картами мобильных операторов на скорос..
4G modem ZTE MF833
  ZTE MF833 – это стильный черный 4G модем, который может развить самую высокую скорость до 150 Мби..
4G modem Huawei E3272s-927 - 3G/4G (1800 МГц)
4G modem Huawei E8372
4G modem Huawei k5161h
Huawei K5160 Box (12 month warranty)
Huawei K5160 is a small modem with support for 3G and 4G, which, thanks to the wide range of support..
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