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The technological development of the world is rapidly gaining momentum. Communication technologies have become no exception in their development. So every 10 years, new technologies and standards appear on the communications market that allow you to achieve incredible opportunities in the field of communications. 

It all started with the first 1G standard, although the name came about much later. To be more precise, with the advent of 2G technology. 

Now all modern providers mainly use 3G / 4G standards for voice and Internet transmission. However, the technological boom also did not leave this aspect unchanged. 

Just recently, the whole world learned about the emergence of a new ultra-high-speed 5G data transmission technology. 

5G history

The very use of this standard for phones and other devices, providers announced not long ago. It was only in 2015 that the first mentions of the new opportunities that this technology provides appeared.

However, it wasn't until 2018 that the first commercial 5G networks were organized and launched. At the moment, South Korea and Monaco are actively using this technology. The US and China have just launched some of the coverage. We would also like to note that from December 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020, this technology is being tested in Ukraine. We took 6 large cities for testing: 







Differences between 5G technology and other generations of communication

The 5G technology itself operates on a new spectrum of frequencies that are not currently loaded. This frequency spectrum, namely from 24 to 90 GHz, has millimeter waves. Previously, this range was not used for communication communications, therefore, when they began to test it for the first time and use it, the users had unseen opportunities in the data transfer rate.

Now a regular modem with support for 5G technology will be able to provide you with speeds up to 20 Gbps for downloading, and up to 10 Gbps for downloading files.

For example, a regular movie in 4K resolution that weighs 20 GB can be downloaded in just a couple of minutes.

If we compare these capabilities with 4G, then the speed has increased as much as 20 times. This all allows users to exchange data in near real time. You can read more about 5G technology in our article " What is 5G "

Buy a 5G modem: for whom is it profitable

If we talk about 5G technology in general, then it is more suitable for the industrial sphere of activity. But buying a 5G modem for personal use, you will also not be left out of the new possibilities. For example, you can create a fully smart home with a 5G modem that can be controlled from anywhere in the world. 

At the moment, the most popular manufacturers who have started to release their devices with 5G support are Huawei and Samsung. Samsung has also released its own 5G modem, the xynos Modem 5100 . If modems from Huawei work only in 4G and 5G modes, then Samsung modem can start working with 2G and provide speeds up to 6 Gbps, depending on the frequency range. 

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