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Almost all the goods are in stock! You can come now and buy in a real store! (During business hours and if the buy button is present)

Competent advice on 3G and 4G LTE modems and wifi routers.

When ordering before 16-00, sending goods by courier service on the day of order.

Our managers will competently advise, program, if necessary, and connect to any operator in Ukraine.

A large selection of routers, both mobile and stationary, as well as modems at the lowest prices on the Ukrainian market.

This is an on-line store, which has its own territorial representation - a real store in Kiev. In it you can also buy personally a modem, router, antenna, mobile phone of GSM or CDMA standard, if, for example, you want to save on delivery.

There is a warranty service center for our customers. Our experts are always ready to help you in case of problems with setting up a modem, using a fixed base, fax and other CDMA, GSM and LTE equipment.

The specialists of the connection department will facilitate the choice of an operator, depending on the coverage map of the operators, their tariffs and peculiarities in servicing subscribers. With us, you can connect to the network of any of the operators, choose the appropriate equipment, configure it for the most optimal operation.



Our store sells and delivers modems and routers (both mobile and stationary) of the CDMA standard, 3G and 4G LTE modems in Ukraine. As a direct supplier of most of the mobile models presented in the catalog, GOODOK offers its customers prices below market prices, and in many positions it is simply out of competition.




In addition, GOODOK, as an official dealer, connects to all CDMA mobile operators in Ukraine, including Intertelecom, which supports the latest 3G communication standard EVDO REV.B. Connection is carried out according to the current operator's tariffs without any extra charges from the store.


CDMA (Code division multiple access) is a communication standard that, due to the high quality and confidentiality of data transmission, has long been used exclusively by military departments and state security structures, and has been available for use in the civilian sphere for about 15 years.


At the moment, there is an active implementation and development of the LTE standard all over the world. This also applies to Ukraine. Reliable communication is provided by the mobile operator "Intertelecom", and the choice of mobile and stationary phones of the CDMA standard, although it cannot yet be compared with that for GSM phones, is capable of satisfying the most demanding customer.


CDMA mobile communication has a number of factors that distinguish it favorably from other standards, and make it possible to speak of it as the standard of the future. No more and no less.

Whether you want to keep up with the times and enjoy all the advantages of CDMA in Ukraine, or stay "overboard" of progress - in the end, it's up to you to decide.





Dear customers and partners!

We are always ready to help you purchase a product or receive a service on favorable terms in our GoodOk.com.ua online store.


We present to your attention a wide range of opportunities for the purchase of equipment of the GSM, LTE and CDMA standards, its installation, configuration, connection.


Please contact us for advice, we are always glad to see you !!



1. Ordering through the website.


This service allows you to make an application for the purchase of the selected equipment through the website at any time of the day using the "Buy" link, which is located on the product description page. When you click on the link, the product is added to the "Shopping Cart", where you can view the number of selected items of the product and get the final cost of the order. It is also possible to return to the catalog and change the quantity of the product you are interested in, add or remove the product and make one request at once.


To place an order, you must fill out a small form with contact information and delivery address, be careful when filling out the "contact phone number" column.


The processing of your application takes from 5 to 30 minutes, during business hours, after which the sales consultant contacts you to confirm the order. The goods are delivered only after confirmation of the order! Processing applications on weekdays from 10.00 to 19.00, on Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 16.00. If you made an application outside of business hours, it will be processed in the morning of the next business day.


The advantages of this method:

- there is no need to call the store, we will call you back;

- saving time in communicating with the seller about the availability and price of goods;

- an indication of the exact contact information.


Delivery of phones, 3g and 4G LTE modems and wifi routers across Ukraine in any direction by the New Mail service.


(Please indicate in the note the number of the warehouse of Nova Poshta in your locality when ordering goods on Goodok.com.ua)



2. Phone call.


You can call the main numbers of the GoodOk online store:

044 228-00-08

094 828-00-08

095 238-00-08

067 866-83-61