Stationary 4G router

With the development of new technologies and the popularity of various Internet applications, mobile Internet has become an integral part of our comfortable life. Now, having constant access to the Internet, we can do many important things without leaving our home. And all this thanks to the mobile Internet. In the modern world, to access the Internet, you just need to have two things: a SIM card and a stationary 4G Wi-Fi router. 

Stationary 4G routers

These routers have a number of cool features that can provide you with high-speed Internet. Such devices will allow you to deploy a high-quality local area network with mobile Internet in a matter of seconds. Stationary 4G routers are very easy to use - you just need to insert the SIM card of the mobile operator into the device and turn it on. The router itself will make all the necessary settings and provide you with Internet access. 

Advantages of stationary 4G routers

  • simple and not complicated installation;

  • high-speed mobile Internet up to 150 Mbps;

  • you can also connect a wired provider

  • Wi-Fi signal coverage radius up to 100 meters;

  • up to 64 devices can be connected 

  • the ability to connect devices via LAN

  • availability of additional ports for peripherals

What is a fixed 4G router

A stationary 4G router is the same router whose task is to create its own network of devices and connect it to the Internet. Usually, such devices are the simplest routers with the difference that they have a built-in 3G / 4G modem. This modem module provides the ability to receive mobile Internet from a SIM card of a cellular operator. As a rule, such routers, in addition to the usual RJ45 ports, have connectors for connecting external antennas, the task of which is to amplify a weak signal from a cellular operator.  

Therefore, such routers, as a rule, are great for those people who do not have the ability to connect a wired provider. They can also often be used in offices. Thanks to the connectivity of a wired 4G provider, the module can act as a backup internet source. 

How to choose a 4G router? 

Everything is very simple here. When you want to buy a stationary 4G router, you must understand at least what tasks it should perform for you. For home, you can take inexpensive options with a couple of outputs for a LAN cable, for offices an excellent option would be not only with LAN outputs, but also the ability to connect a wired provider. If you do not know how to choose a router for yourself, then you can read one of our articles “How to choose a router ”. In this article, we have described in detail all the subtleties that will help you with the choice of a device. And if you do not have time, then call us, our consultants will be happy to help you with choosing a device for your tasks. We also want to note that our store provides a warranty for all equipment for more than 6 months.

Stationary 4G router Huawei E5172
Router Alcatel HH70VB LTE (гарантия 12 мес.)
Stationary 4G router Huawei B315 LTE CPE
  * В Антенный комплект Huawei B315 входит:  -  3G/4G модем Huawei B315 с гарантией 12 мес с подде..
Router Huawei B593u-12
Router ZTE MF283U New Box (гарантия 12 мес)
Stationary 4G router Huawei B310s-22 White+ 2 терминальные антенны
Stationary 4G router D-LINK DWR-961
Router Huawei B535
Router Huawei B593s-22 (гарантия 6 мес)
Stationary 4G router Huawei B593 3G/4G роутер
  *** Акционное предложение ограничено.   Новинка, беспроводной роутер Huawei B593..
Router 3G/4G WiFi роутер TP-Link Archer MR200
3G/4G WiFi роутер TP-Link Archer MR200..
Router Huawei E5186s-61a (гарантия 6 мес)
Stationary 4G router Huawei B618
Router Huawei B612
Router HUAWEI B525s-23a Black (гарантия 12 мес)
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