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In our online store you can buy goods from the TV equipment section. When working with us, you can count on not only low prices, but also other benefits. 

  1. Extensive product range.

  2. Prompt delivery.

  3. Payment in ways convenient for the client.

  4. Guaranteed on favorable terms. 


Television equipment refers to devices that include a television screen. It can be a single device or whole sets of equipment. All products from this category can be divided into several categories.

  1. Purpose. Units can be one functional, multifunctional. The latter include any types of TVs, as well as monitors, that is, TVs that can work without picking up a radio channel.

  2. Equipment. Ordinary TVs or devices combined with: sensors that receive a radio signal, tape recorders, VCRs go on sale.

There are other types of classifications as well.

  1. Color rendering type. Monitors can be black and white and color.

  2. Power supply type. The devices are connected to an alternating current network or are made with universal power supplied from an autonomous source.

  3. Method of operation. Stationary and portable models are produced. The latter, operate on batteries and are suitable for travel, hiking, in the country.

  4. Screen size indicator. Stationary structures are larger than portable ones.

  5. The number of formats supported. There are many standard devices and one standard type.

  6. The technology by which the incoming electrical signal is processed. It can be: analog, digital-analog, digital.

  7. Sound type. It can be: monophonic, stereophonic, pseudo-stereophonic. 

  8.  The format in which the image is reproduced is 4: 3 and 16: 9.

Our catalog contains ready-made TV TV solutions that you can choose according to your preferences. Basically, recently, 7-8 generation TVs have been in great demand, which are better: 

  • operational properties;

  • technical characteristics;

  • opportunities. 

It is worth noting that, despite the large selection of color and multifunctional TVs, there are still consumers who prefer to buy black and white designs with a minimum set of functions, explaining that they are more reliable, practical and durable, which means they are suitable for regular transportation. , use in nature. There are a number of other advantages to innovative models.

  1. Many of them are equipped with a special chassis, through which it is possible to connect to a satellite tuner. Additionally, you need to install a parabolic antenna. 

  2. There are designs that have a high-sensitivity TV transmitter capable of picking up a signal in the meter wavelength range up to 50 µV and decimeter wavelength up to 70-100 µV.

  3. Almost all TVs have a sensor that is responsible for preventing noise and interference.

Hurry up to place an order in our catalog. Here you will find antennas, TV tuners, various receivers with which you can improve or amplify the data transmission signal. If you cannot decide which model to give preference to, then contact our customer service specialists. They are always happy to help, and completely free of charge.

TV tuner World Vision T62M
TV tuner Romsat T8008HD
TV tuner Romsat T8030HD
TV tuner uClan T2 HD SE Internet LED
TV tuner World Vision Foros
TV equipment World Vision T62A
TV tuner World Vision T65
TV tuner World Vision T65M
TV tuner Tiger Combo
TV tuner World Vision T62D
TV antenna T2 Antenna Wave 2-24 (Digit) 1.5m Light
Aerial antenna for receiving an analog signal or digital television in DVB-T2 format. It is advisabl..
TV antenna T2 Antenna Wave 1-11 (Digit) 1.0m Light
T2 Wave 1-11 receives channels in the frequency range 470-862 MHz. It is delivered disassembled with..
Indoor antenna for T2 Wave
The VOLNA indoor television antenna is suitable for receiving both conventional (analog) terrestrial..
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