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An antenna for a TV is an integral part of any TV. It is with its help that you can significantly improve the quality of the reception of the TV channels signal. It is on this design that what the broadcasting will be like depends.

  1. Analog.

  2. Digital.

  3. Satellite. 

Recently, antennas for satellite and digital TV have been most in demand. When purchasing equipment, you need to pay attention to: 

  • wave channel type;

  • signal reception coverage;

  • the coefficient by which the signal will be amplified. 

Outdoor TV antennas are selected according to the value of the operating frequency scale. As a result, the installation can be: 

  • range;

  • single-channel;

  • all-wave. 

The size of the receiver will be directly affected by the wavelength. To receive not analog TV, but digital, you need not only an antenna, but also a TV receiver capable of supporting DVB-T2 standards, but it can be replaced with a receiver, moreover, for a special purpose. Buying designs such as an antenna for a TV take into account other features.

  1. Digital broadcasting is possible only in the decimeter range. The meter is not suitable.

  2. The presence of an amplifier is mandatory. It comes in the form of a sensor built into the antenna housing and or it is installed separately. The device looks like a compact self-powered unit. This will improve the image quality.

  3. To eliminate interference in the broadcast and playback of the image, highly directional receivers are chosen.

  4. If there is such a problem as wave noise, then it is worth placing equipment with a filter that can protect against the LTE signal.

We sell antennas for TVs, which are divided into two main categories.

  1. Room. A simple and demanded development, in the installation of which there are no difficulties. The disadvantage is poor signal reception. It is not uncommon for such designs to be equipped with amplifiers in order to improve the quality of wave reception.

  2. Outdoor. Can be a powerful TV signal receiver. The area of ​​application is the roof of a multi-storey building, and such installations can be used in collective use. The height of the mast directly depends on how many barriers to data transmission there are. The more there are, the higher the antenna is placed. 

Antenna amplifiers can be active or passive.

  1. Equipped with a power amplifier. Such devices are used if the repeater is installed very far away and there are large obstacles in the path of wave transmission that can distort or limit the signal, or they are used in lowlands, where there may be poor visibility at a distance from the TV tower to the receiver. 

  2. Considered nearly ideal for those near a repeater. Minus - signal distortion is possible, which happens due to the strength with which it is received. You can solve the problem - install prefixes - attenuators. 

Hurry up to order digital and analog TV antennas, and we will ship them as soon as possible after confirmation of purchase. We guarantee that all purchased equipment will be able to fully justify the investment.

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