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Looking to purchase quality TV kits? Do you have a desire to purchase modern technology that will justify the investment and expectations? In our online store you can find sets for yourself, guided by them: 

  • technical characteristics;

  • operational properties;

  • cost;

  • brand.


TV kits are equipment that must be of high quality, otherwise it will not be possible to receive a good broadcast. The signal itself arrives at the earth from an apparatus located in space and rotating synchronously with the earth. These satellites are called geostationary satellites and for stable data transmission to earth receivers, a one-time tuning is sufficient. To gain access to certain channels, subscribers need to purchase specialized sets of equipment, the function of which is:

  • receiving a signal from a satellite;

  • processing it;

  • broadcasts on TV screens.

An antenna supplemented with a converter or a receiver will help to cope with this task. The choice of such equipment must be approached especially responsibly. It is worth noting that analogue channels are broadcast in the most remote parts of the country of poor quality. This becomes an obstacle before installing a conventional terrestrial antenna. This is justified by the fact that the farther the settlement is in relation to the TV tower, the less likely it is to get a good image. Such cities and towns do not fall into the broadcasting zone and an excellent solution is the choice of satellite TV.

Such television is also used by modern city dwellers in order to get access to a variety of channels and perfect signal transmission. In order to choose ready-made solutions for TV sets and not be disappointed in the purchase, they pay attention to a number of important points.

  1. The functionality of the technique.

  2. The number of channels and the ability to select them.

  3. Ease of use.

  4. Setting methods.

Almost all operators of the 21st century offer their subscribers channels mainly in HD quality, but to view them, special installations are needed, consisting of a dish and a receiver. 

Criterias of choice

Residents of remote cities and regions need to remember that the optimal diameter of satellite dishes is 70-80cm. This is necessary due to the fact that the indicator of the signal strength received at specific points of the geographical coverage will be uneven. Since the satellite is geostationary, broadcasting outside the city will be carried out through large-format dishes. 

The antenna will perform the same function as a mirror mounted inside the telescope. 

  1. Signal acquisition.

  2. Gain.

The larger the area of ​​the antenna structure, the cleaner and better the received wave will be. The receiver will not only receive it, but also decode and improve it. The functionality of such devices has been significantly improved, since with their help it is now possible to view photos, as well as other media files. Including on innovative receivers it will turn out:

  • form channels to your liking;

  • use the TV guide function.

Choose products from our online store, which provides customers with: 

  • delivery;

  • payment in several ways;

  • warranty for all products.

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TV set Huawei E5372Ts-32 + Антенный комплект 21ДБ LTE *
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