GSM signal amplifiers

A mobile amplifier or repeater is a device that improves the quality of signal reception. Such a device allows you to use communication services without problems even with a weak coverage of the cellular network, a significant load on the base station, a high density of surrounding buildings and the terrain that creates "dead zones". 

Purpose and design of the repeater

If the wireless network does not work well in a city apartment, in a country house or in a country house, it is worth purchasing a mobile signal amplifier. The main task of the GSM signal amplifier is to use the mobile network in conditions where the quality of radio wave reception is not good enough.

The GSM signal amplifier consists of several elements:

  • Antenna, which is mounted outside and receives a signal from the tower of a mobile operator;

  • An internal antenna that is installed indoors to transmit a signal to the telephone;

  • A cable connecting both antennas of the GSM signal amplifier;

  • And the repeater itself, which duplicates the signal;

A mobile phone booster has a certain signal reception improvement factor. Accordingly, the device is selected taking into account the capabilities of the base station. But if the incoming signal is too high, overloading of the cellular amplifier is not excluded, therefore it is better to buy a set of equipment with the ability to automatically or mechanically adjust the gain.

Features of choosing an amplifier

It is worth considering the difference between 3G and 4G formats. Even though 4G networks are not used for voice communications, a GSM signal booster for home will still affect your phone's ability to use. The fact is that this network is necessary to connect the smartphone to the operator and to agree on the parameters of incoming and outgoing calls.

Before buying a mobile amplifier, you need to understand the existing standards:

  • 2G is a network that provides voice and SMS communication;

  • 3G makes it possible to use the Internet, but with serious restrictions;

  • 4G or LTE provides both voice communication and Internet surfing;

  • 5G is still in development and not being used.

GSM repeater - a mobile communication amplifier works according to a certain technology. If you need to ensure normal voice quality in rural areas, a 2G mobile phone booster is suitable. Another thing is an amplifier for mobile communications and the Internet for a summer residence. In this case, you need a device that works with 3G and 4G technologies.

Varieties of devices

It should also be borne in mind that you can buy a GSM signal amplifier of a single-band or wideband type. The first repeats a given radio communication range, amplifies the mobile communication signal of only one operator. Such devices are no longer popular.

Broadband communication amplifiers retransmit the entire frequency range, and the design of many devices allows you to manually adjust the desired wave power. 

In addition, GSM signal amplifiers are available in analog and digital. The former are more often used in everyday life, the latter are professional equipment and can be remotely controlled, but they are much more expensive.

Our online store offers a large selection of repeaters that allow you to use mobile phones in any conditions, including with a weak signal. You can buy equipment with delivery, with a guarantee, by choosing the most convenient payment method.

GSM signal amplifier Комплект усиления сотовой связи Lintratek KW17L-GD
GSM repeater KW17L-GD усилитель сигнала
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GSM signal amplifier KW19L-GDW усилитель сигнала
  Трехдиапазонный ретранслятор Lintratek KW19L GDW предназначен для работы в сетях 2G/3G/..
GSM signal amplifier Антенна планшетная Multi Band 9 dbi
GSM signal amplifier Дільник потужності (спліттер) Comba 1/3
Автомобільний комплект Lintratek KW13A-GSM
GSM signal amplifier Lintratek KW17L-GD Репитер
Характеристики Lintratek KW17L-GD усилитель сигналаПроизводитель: Lintratek Усилители сигн..
GSM signal amplifier Спліттер ZTE 1/2
GSM repeater Lintratek KW16L-GSM 900
GSM signal amplifier Дільник потужності (спліттер) Comba 1/4
GSM signal amplifier Lintratek KW13A
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