Repeater antennas

A mobile amplifier or repeater is a device that improves the quality of signal reception. Such a device allows you to use communication services without problems even with a weak coverage of the cellular network, a significant load on the base station, a high density of surrounding buildings and the terrain that creates "dead zones". 

Purpose and design of the repeater

If the wireless network does not work well in a city apartment, in a country house or in a country house, it is worth purchasing a mobile signal amplifier. The main task of the GSM signal amplifier is to use the mobile network in conditions where the quality of radio wave reception is not good enough.

The GSM signal amplifier consists of several elements:

  • Antenna, which is mounted outside and receives a signal from the tower of a mobile operator;

  • An internal antenna that is installed indoors to transmit a signal to the telephone;

  • A cable connecting both antennas of the GSM signal amplifier;

  • And the repeater itself, which duplicates the signal;

A mobile phone booster has a certain signal reception improvement factor. Accordingly, the device is selected taking into account the capabilities of the base station. But if the incoming signal is too high, overloading of the cellular amplifier is not excluded, therefore it is better to buy a set of equipment with the ability to automatically or mechanically adjust the gain

Where can you use

We sell antennas for repeaters that differ from each other in their functionality, which makes it easier to select an option for any requirements and preferences, as well as financial capabilities. Antennas for active amplifiers are not only suitable for use in hard-to-reach places, far from the city, but also help to cope with poor communication. 

Such equipment is often used in underground parking lots, because the signal quality there is very poor. Since external and internal antennas for repeaters have compact dimensions and low weight, they are easy to install.

What to look for when buying

When choosing an antenna, it is important to take into account many factors, and one of the main ones, of course, is the coverage area of ​​your particular operator, depending on the value of the zone of reliable signal reception, the antenna power required for the stable operation of the Internet for the repeater is also determined. Here's a practical example:

  • The distance is within the limits of 1-3 km, then the best option is equipment with coefficients up to 14 dB.

  • The distance is within 3-8 km, then the best option is equipment with a coefficient of up to 18 dB.

  • The distance is within the limits of 8-12 km, then the best option is equipment with a coefficient of up to 20 dB.

If you just need to stabilize the connection, and you are in the zone of reliable reception, then you can do with a technique with a factor of 12 dB.

It is also important to consider the type of device, based on its features:

  • Irradiators installed on satellite dishes (widely in demand in the private sector without the ability to connect to cable TV).

  • Antennas that have a limited signal gain band differ from other options in a higher gain and a wide operating range.

You can buy an antenna for a repeater from us at a bargain price. The equipment is presented in a large assortment, which means that you can easily choose the option that meets your requirements. We provide a guarantee for equipment, as well as offer delivery and payment services in any convenient way (cash, non-cash, cash on delivery).

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