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The Ajax Hub collects information about the operation of Ajax sensors in an encrypted form, analyzes the data and, in the event of an alarm, reports the danger to the system owner and directly to the security control panel in milliseconds. Two communication channels: GSM or Ethernet for sending alarms (SMS messages | push notifications).

It uses Jeweler radio technology to monitor the operation of sensors at distances up to 2000 m (in open space) and to quickly respond to danger. Translates the entire system to clean frequencies when jamming. The performance of the sensors is checked at least every 12 seconds.

Ajax Hub runs up to 15 hours from the built-in backup battery. Ready to work out of the box. It is configured using a mobile application, and the sensors are connected in one click. Mounts in minutes with the SmartBracket.

Maximum opportunities

Jeweler wireless technology allows you to expand the network up to 2000 meters in open space or on several floors of the business center

Ajax HUB ARM processor delivers greater power for mission-critical tasks

The system works on Ethernet with GSM connection as a backup communication channel

Report alarms via push notifications, SMS or phone call

Ajax Hub Serves Up To 100 Devices

Ability to connect up to 50 users and security companies to the system monitoring (using Contact ID)

Video surveillance through integration of cameras supporting RTSP stream

Security against failures and sabotage

All connectors and buttons are hidden in the housing

Case protected by tamper

The system instantly notifies of the loss of external power

Up to 15 hours of backup power

The response of the sensors is checked by pings with a period of 12 seconds

Systems for protection against jamming, channel encryption, authentication for protection against forgery of devices work

To communicate with each device on the network, the Ajax HUB uses a clean frequency and is tuned in case of a match.

The GSM module provides a backup communication channel in case of Internet disconnection

The convenience of use

Controlling SpaceControl, KeyPad using the free smartphone apps (iOS | Android) or through a browser

The system works even with very poor connection quality: GPRS speed of 0.5 kbit / s is enough

Two-way communication with devices enables continuous testing and easy setup

Firmware and software updates automatically and for free

Ajax Hub keeps a history of all events marked by the system

Geofence technology will remind you to turn on the alarm when you leave the room and turn it off when you return

Easy installation

Installation within 15 minutes thanks to interactive instructions and SmartBracket mounts

Remote accessibility of sensors, response zone and radio noise level are tested remotely.

New devices are connected in one click using QR codes

A masterpiece of engineering

Ultra slim 50-230 V AC power adapter integrated inside the chassis

At the same time, the thickness of the Ajax Hub is less than 4 centimeters


Built-in siren
Existence of a reserve dialer on a telephone line
Frequency of wireless sensors
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Maximum number of connected wireless devices
Operating temperature range
0 - +50
Type of
Дополнительные характеристики
Number of users: 50;Range of communication with sensors: up to 2000 m (in open space);Communication Protocol: Jeweler (868.0-868.6 MHz);Radio signal power: 20 mW;Communication channels: Ethernet | GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz);Video surveillance: cameras with RTSP support;Built-in battery: Li-Pol | 2 Ah;Operating time without power supply: up to 15 hours;Power supply: 110 - 250 V
162.7 x 162.7 x 35.9
24 mounth
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