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Hub 2 - controls the security system with photo-confirmation of alarms.

Transmits photos from MotionCam sensors

Calls a security company patrol in case of alarm

Managed by application from anywhere in the world

Uses 3 independent communication channels

Controls security, not your privacy.

Hub 2 controls the operation of all Ajax devices and reports the opening of doors, breaking windows, the threat of fire or flood. If thieves enter the house, Hub 2 will send photos from MotionCam motion sensors and call a security company patrol. You do not have to live under round-the-clock surveillance of cameras to see why the alarm went off.

Protects from thieves

Fire prevention

Stops the flood

Not peeping

No worries

Motion sensors respond not only to real threats, but also to domestic oversights. If the nanny returns with the children from school and forgets to turn off the alarm, the security system will be required to raise an alarm. With Hub 2, you don’t have to worry in such situations, but at the same time pay for false trips of the response team. Just open the MotionCam alarm notification and you will see what happened.

Always in touch

Hub 2 is guaranteed to transmit an alarm and photos from the protected object via one of the communication channels: Ethernet or one of two SIM-cards. Channels work in parallel and replace each other in emergency situations. And instant delivery of photo confirmations, even with a weak Internet connection, is guaranteed by data transfer and compression protocols. Unlike surveillance cameras, Ajax gives you the opportunity to assess the situation, even if the connection speed is only 0.5 kbit / s.

Uses 3 independent communication channels

Delivers alarms in 0.15 seconds

Transmits photo confirmation alarms even on 2G networks

Resists Any Threat

If the sensor fails, it was removed from the mount, damaged or opened the case - you and the security company will immediately know about it. And even if electricity suddenly disappears in the house, the Ajax Hub 2 will continue its patrol thanks to a backup battery.

Checks the status of devices at intervals of 12 seconds

Warns of threats, communication interference and malfunctions

Works 16 hours without power supply

Constantly evolving

Hub 2 is running OS Malevich - a real-time operating system. Such operating systems control spacecraft systems, ballistic missiles and car brakes. That is, a technique that has no right to make a mistake. Malevich OS is immune to viruses and protected against cyber attacks. Its architecture allows you to expand the capabilities of Ajax, and regular updates occur through the air in seconds and do not require user participation.

Protected against cyberattacks

Gets new opportunities

Updated by air


The Hub 2 central communicates with security devices via radio communications at a distance of up to 2000 m. The two-way Jeweler protocol protects the transmitted data with encryption. And in case of interference on the air or when trying to jam, Ajax switches to a free radio frequency, notifying you and the security company about the situation.

Coverage radius up to 2000 m

Two way radio

Modified AES encryption

Radio frequency hopping


To transmit graphic data, Hub 2 and MotionCam use the Ajax Wings radio protocol, a high-speed information transfer protocol that was developed based on Jeweler and inherited its best qualities. At the same time, Wings uses a dedicated Hub 2 central antenna to increase the reliability of the communication channel. Wings guarantees photo delivery even with unstable signal levels and interruptions due to built-in algorithms for checking and reloading packets.

Transferring a series of photos

Using a dedicated antenna

Guaranteed Data Delivery

Intuitive installation

Hub 2 installs in minutes. It is enough to connect it to the Internet and the power grid, and then scan the QR code using the Ajax application. In most cases, the device does not need additional settings and is ready to work immediately after connecting to the Internet.

1. Download the free app

2. Scan the QR code

3. Drive from anywhere in the world


Built-in siren
Existence of a reserve dialer on a telephone line
Frequency of wireless sensors
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Maximum number of connected wireless devices
Operating temperature range
-10 - +40
Type of
What is included
Intelligent Central Ajax Hub 2;SmartBracket Mounting Panel;Power cable;Ethernet cableMounting kit;SIM card (depending on the region of sales);Instruction manual
Дополнительные характеристики
Video surveillance: up to 25 cameras or DVRs;Maximum number of users: 50;Maximum number of rooms: 50;Maximum number of security groups: 9;MotionCam sensor support: yes;Communication channels: Ethernet, two 2G SIM cards;Alarm: delivery time: 0.15 s, notification types: SMS, call, push;Switching between SIM cards: 4 minutes;Communication with the security panel: Contact ID, SIA;Alarm transmission speed to the control panel: instantly;Operating System: OS Malevich;Mains supply: 110-240 V
163 x 163 x 36
24 mounth
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