Ajax MotionProtect Plus Black wireless motion sensor

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Ajax MotionProtect Plus black wireless motion detector with RF scanning against composite interference is designed to detect human movement in a guarded room. The sensor from the first step determines the appearance of a person in the room, but does not respond to the movement of animals, drafts, air conditioning. Radiofrequency scanning filters the composite noise created by thermal radiation in combination with the movement of the curtains, trembling blinds and strong light. The sensor has adjustable sensitivity and is able to ignore pets weighing up to 20 kg.

The sensor is equipped with an effective wireless radio communication system that uses message encryption and protection against forgery. This provides excellent security for alarms from hacking attempts. In addition, the sensor has an ultramodern highly reliable communication system that allows it to operate successfully within several floors of the business center or at a distance of up to 2000 m in an open area from the central alarm unit.

The sensor is fully compatible with all wired control centers using the Ajax ocBridge Plus radio sensor receiver, as well as with the Lun control panel version 11 mod.3 and mod.4 and the Lun-19 control panel through the Ajax uartBridge interface receiver. Now it is possible to connect up to 45 second-generation Ajax wireless devices. For previously purchased Lun control panels, version 11 mod.2, to support the Ajax line, you need to update the control panel firmware to version 57 and higher, and the Lind keyboard to version 36 and higher.

This wireless motion sensor can be used to protect any objects: apartments, private houses, summer residences, offices, shops, warehouses, industrial premises, etc. The advantage of this sensor is its convenient and extremely easy independent installation using smart mounts, for installation by the user no need to disassemble the sensor itself. Given that the motion sensor is one of the most common elements of security alarms, this is an important plus for the device.


  • It is used indoors during conditioning, airing, heating by a fireplace;
  • Safe installation with SmartBracket mount without disassembling the case;
  • Easy connection via QR code;
  • Integrates into a third-party security system via Ajax modules (uartBridge and ocBridge / ocBridge Plus);
  • Works at a distance of up to 2000 meters from the Ajax Hub in an open space or on several floors of a business center;
  • Motion detection range - up to 12 m;
  • Has 3 levels of sensitivity;
  • SmartMotion detection algorithm ignores animals weighing up to 20 kg, thereby eliminating the occurrence of false positives;
  • All signals, without exception, are digitally processed;
  • FresnelTech optics made of POLY IR4 material and Excelitas hi-end pyrosensor level out glare and electromagnetic interference;
  • Radio frequency scanning filters out composite noise;
  • Permanent two-way communication with AjaxHub;
  • Duration of work from one power source - up to 5 years;
  • Fixes the history of events at the facility;
  • Sensor authentication for protection against fraud and tamper protection of the housing;
  • Performance is checked by pings with a frequency of 12 seconds;
  • Identification and prevention of jamming;
  • Communication encryption.


Detection Object
Detection Range (response threshold)
До 12 м
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Mounting height
2.4 м
Mounting type
Operating temperature range
От 0° до +50
Pet Immunity
До 20 кг
Pyrosensor and microwave sensor (24 GHz)
Tamper protection
Type of
Vertical angle of detection
Working humidity
До 80%
Working voltage
Горизонтальный угол детектирования
110 х 65 x 50
24 mounth
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