Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor White Wireless Street Motion Sensor

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Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector Detects Intrusion into a Protected Area. The sensor is immune to animals up to 80 cm tall, does not respond to swaying branches or foliage, the presence of birds or insects does not cause false positives. Also, the sensor is protected from unauthorized exposure (hanging, painting, varnishing), works at temperatures below 0 ° C, is protected from splashes and dust, the range is adjustable.

The principle of operation of Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor is based on the determination of infrared (IR) radiation from a living creature. Every living creature, including humans, is a source of infrared radiation. The sensor is equipped with two independent passive infrared sensors. The data obtained are checked using the two-factor LISA algorithm: identifying the similarity between the signals from both sensors, as well as checking spectral images. This makes it possible to avoid false alarms, and also allows you to adjust the range of the sensor (3-15 m).

The sensor is easy to install and configure without special knowledge: mounting on SmartBracket mounts is convenient and will not damage the repair, connection to the central unit is carried out through the mobile application in just one click. The device is ready to work out of the box, even the battery is installed.

Functional Features:

  • The sensor is easy to install and configure without special knowledge.
  • Mounting the sensor using smart mounts is convenient and will not damage the repair
  • The sensor regularly transmits test signals to the central unit, and the polling period of the sensors can be adjusted at your own discretion in the range of 12-300 seconds. In the event that the sensor is attempted to be stolen or broken, the central alarm system will immediately know about it and give an alarm
  • For reliable monitoring of the alarm, the sensor regularly sends a signal about the discharge of its battery to the central unit, the user will be notified in a timely manner of the need to replace the battery in the sensor
  • Information transmitted by the sensor is protected from interception and attempted substitution
  • The maximum distance between the sensor and the central unit is 1200 m in direct visibility
  • The sensor uses a general-purpose frequency of 868 MHz for signal transmission, which does not require a license to use
  • The sensor detects movement at a distance of up to 15 m, horizontal viewing angle - 90 °
  • Ignores animals up to 80 cm tall and any weight.
  • The sensor does not work on random movements of inanimate objects
  • The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable (3 levels)
  • Sensor housing protected by tamper
  • Thanks to a special energy-saving algorithm, the sensor runs on a CR123A battery for up to 5 years
  • The sensor only works with Ajax Hub


Detection Object
Detection Range (response threshold)
15 м
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Mounting height
0.8 - 1.3 м
Mounting type
Operating temperature range
−35°С ~ +60°С
Pet Immunity
до 80 см
Possibility of external use
Tamper protection
Type of
Working humidity
До 80%
Горизонтальный угол детектирования
Дополнительные характеристики
Generation: second generation Ajax;Immunity from pets: up to 80 cm;Sensor radio transmitter power: 20 mW;Battery Type: CR123A Battery;Sensor life from one battery: up to 5 years;2 levels of sensitivity;Jamming alert;Communication encryption;0.15 s alarm delivery
184 x 70 x 65
24 mounth
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