Huawei EC315 (Rev.B)

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Netis MW5230 with USB
Tenda 4G630
Adapter for router and TS9 modem
Coaxial cable RG-58U 10 meters
3G / 4G LTE Antenna Terminal TS9 3 dBi
CDMA kit 800 MHz 24 dB + 10m cable + adapter
Тариф Интертелеком Безлимит 300 + Программация терминала + услуги банка 5 грн (на счету 300 грн)
Тариф Интертелеком День за 10 + Программация + Аванс 40 грн + услуги банка 5 грн (на счету 50 грн)
Тариф Интертелеком Безлимит 111 + Программация терминала + услуги банка 5 грн (на счету 111 грн)
Тариф Интертелеком Безлимит 222 + Программация терминала + услуги банка 5 грн (на счету 222 грн)
Тариф Интертелеком Безлимит 44 + Программация терминала + услуги банка 5 грн (на счету 75 грн)
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12 months warranty

Huawei EC315 – универсальный гаджет, способный работать в режиме модема и Wi-Fi роутера на скорости до 14.7 Мбит/с.
Support for Rev.A and Rev.B technologies makes the device indispensable in everyday life, and the ability to work in 2 modes at the same time significantly expands the functionality of the gadget. Modem mode. In this mode, data transfer is carried out using the EV-DO Rev. A and EV-DO Rev.B technologies.

On the side panel is a connector for connecting an external antenna, which is useful for uninterrupted access to the network in places with a weak signal level or unstable network coverage area. The modem also has a slot for an R-uim card and a microSD memory card, thanks to which you can use the gadget as a USB drive.
On the front panel there is a light indicator showing the signal level. The modem is powered via a USB connector, so it can be connected to absolutely any portable power source that has a USB input.

Wi-Fi router mode. The main advantage of this mode is the ability to distribute mobile high-speed Internet to 5 devices at the same time. As in modem mode, data transfer is supported at speeds up to 3.1 Mbit / s or 14.7 Mbit / s.


Type of
Router (no connection)
Maximum data reception rate
14.7 Мбит/с
What is included
Modem;Box;Warranty Card;Receipt;
Дополнительные характеристики
Standard: CDMA 1x EV-DO Rev. A / Rev.BInterface: USBWi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / nConnect up to 5 any Wi-Fi devices at the same timeIntegrated high gain CDMA and WLAN antennaWeight: 50g
91 x 29 x 13 mm
Standards support
6 months
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