Ajax DoorProtect Black Wireless Door / Window Open Sensor

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Ajax DoorProtect wireless sensor is designed to detect the opening of doors and windows. The sensor is equipped with a terminal block for connecting additional wire sensors, including wire opening sensors designed for installation on metal gates and hatches.

The sensor consists of two parts - a magnet and a unit with a reed switch. There are two options for the magnet - for parallel (large magnet) and perpendicular (small magnet) installation. The principle of operation of the opening sensor is based on the properties of the reed switch - an element that can become a conductor under the influence of a magnetic field. In normal condition, the magnet and the reed unit are closed. As soon as the door on which the sensor is installed opens, the magnet moves away from the reed switch, the contacts open and the reed switch ceases to conduct current. When the door is closed, reverse processes occur: the magnet approaches the reed switch, the contacts close and the reed switch begins to conduct current. In both cases, the sensor is triggered and instantly sends an alarm message to the central unit. An English reed switch is installed in the sensor, which does not stick and processes more than a million shorts / openings.

Ajax DoorProtect is equipped with an effective wireless radio communication system that uses message encryption and protection against forgery. This provides excellent security for alarms from hacking attempts. In addition, the sensor has an ultramodern highly reliable communication system that allows it to operate successfully within several floors of the business center or at a distance of up to 2000 m in an open area from the central alarm unit.


Easy to install and configure without special knowledge

The transmitted information is protected from interception and attempted substitution

The maximum distance between the sensor and the central unit is 2000 m in direct visibility

Adaptive adjustment of the transmission power, depending on the distance to the central unit, allows you to consume less battery power

Sensor threshold - 2 cm

Measures the ambient temperature and transmits information about the current temperature

Possibility of connecting to the terminal block additional wired opening sensors designed for use on metal doors, hatches

Possibility of the choice of logic of work: bistable or pulse signal

Tamper proof

Powered by CR123A battery up to 7 years

Works with Ajax ocBridge Wireless Signal Receiver


Detection Object
Detection Range (response threshold)
2 см
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Mounting type
Operating temperature range
От 0° до +50
Pet Immunity
Possibility of external use
Tamper protection
Type of
Working humidity
До 80%
20 х 90
24 mounth
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