Ajax FireProtect Plus Black Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Robbery leads to the loss of values, but a fire can destroy all property completely. Therefore, we recommend supplementing the alarm system with Ajax FireProtect Plus smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. Fast and safe installation, reliable anti-sabotage protection and simple device management and setup.

The Ajax FireProtect Plus Wireless Smoke Detector is designed for fire detection in a guarded room. The sensor detects smoke, carbon monoxide using an infrared emitter and a photodetector. Elements are mounted in a special smoke chamber. When smoke particles enter the camera, the photodetector detects an infrared ray distortion. If there is a lot of smoke, the beam distortion becomes strong, the sensor sends wireless fire alarm signals to the smart Ajax Hub and the siren turns on. Also, the Ajax FireProtect Plus sensor responds to a sharp hanging of the temperature level, even in an undisturbed room, and similarly sends an alarm.

The sensor is used to detect smoke and carbon monoxide in a house, store, hotel, restaurant, office building, school, bank, library, warehouse, etc.


  • Detects smoke, the appearance of carbon monoxide, a sharp increase in temperature in the room even in the absence of smoke;
  • Able to work both autonomously using Ajax ocBridge Plus and Ajax uartBridge receivers, and with Ajax Hub;
  • Keeps in touch with Ajax Hub at a distance of up to 2000 meters (subject to direct visibility);
  • Mounting the sensor using the SmartBracket mount without disassembling the case;
  • Remote testing of communication quality and detection zone;
  • Consumes less energy, adapting power to the distance to the hub;
  • Power supply without changing the battery - up to 3 years;
  • Reports the need to clean the sensor from dust;
  • 24-hour two-way communication with the hub for testing and configuration;
  • It is controlled using a mobile application for iOS / Android;
  • It is protected from opening the case and dismantling with a tamper;
  • Performance is checked by ping every 5 minutes.


Detection Object
Smoke;Carbon monoxide (CO)
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Mounting type
Ceiling mounted
Operating temperature range
0 ~ +65
Pet Immunity
Possibility of external use
Type of smoke sensor: photoelectric;Carbon monoxide sensor: 3 operating intervals depending on CO concentration
Type of
Working humidity
до 80%
Working voltage
Дополнительные характеристики
Sensor radio transmitter power: 20 mW;Power supply: 2 CR2 batteries; backup battery CR2032;Sensor life from one battery: up to 3 years
132 х 132 x 31
24 mounth
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